The Watermelon Prince Max-Health Eating Plan

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Oh my god! I finally figure out the perfect and the most ideal eating plan for maximizing our health to the greatest extent possible. This eating plan has three focus 1. maximum gut bacteria growth, 2. maximum fat burning, and 3. maximum recovery. And here is a quick summary of this weekly plan.

Monday & Tuesday: Raw fruitarian diet for maximum gut bacteria growth.

Wednesday & Thursday: 48-hours dry fast for maximum fat burning.

Weekend: Feasting on plant-based whole food for maximum recovery.

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Like nature going through the cycle of feasting and the cycle of fasting, the human body must model this natural cycle to achieve maximum health.


While I was experimenting with the fruitarian diet, I realized the importance of feeding our gut bacteria and how our gut bacteria can control us via our vagus nerve. Our moods, brain function, and immune function are largely dependent on a strong gut flora. The process of cooking kills a lot of good bacteria that our stomach need. Another great advantage of raw fruits are all those wonderful fibers can really clean up our digestion system. So by beginning the week with 2 days of fruitarian diet can totally maximize the gut bacteria growth and cleaning of our digestion system.

For around 3 months, I was doing 1-meal per day and my goal is to reach maximum fat burning. Then I realized 23 hours fasting could be too short. And understood that 48 hours fasting is the most ideal. At the same time, I recognized chronic calorie deficit lead to long-term problems. Therefore, the fasting cycle is best to be 2 days short, long like 48 hours each time and once per week would be the most ideal. This is best done while our gut is full of raw-fruit prebiotic.


Finally, we must have a recovery and rebuild cycle. And 3 days over the weekend is perfect. Normally, we meet more friends and family and have more social gatherings on the weekend. So on the weekend, it's the time to eat as much as possible and let our body have a surplus to build that extra killer cell, extra muscles and any repair that is necessary. It's important that we feast only on plant-based whole food for the maximum health benefits and maximum gut bacteria growth. Animal fat and protein will lead to a dozen chronic health issues including cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's diseases.


I hope you can enjoy this eating plan as well. Right now, I think is the most perfect and the most ideal eating plan. I'm going to make some modification as days go by. You can copy my plan and experiment yourself too. Let me know how this plan works out for you. You maybe have your own life schedule and need to make some modification. Comment below and let me know your perfect eating plan.

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Sounds like a very good plan, eager to follow.