Challenge of the week #1 - Filty Dirty Vegans, get your junk on contest!!

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Welcome to the first official challenge of @vegansofsteemit, partnered with our friends on Whaleshares.

This contest will be held on both platforms to get the best of both worlds and rewards, so feel free to participate in both with your entry and double your chances of winning!

The following contest is authored by @moonunit and sponsored by @evecab and @vegansofsteemit.

The Rewards

The winners of this contest will earn the following:

  • first place: 10 steem
  • second place: 5 steem
  • third place: 3 steem

The winners will be announced after the payout in 7 days, and the deadline is December 28th at midnight GMT

Now let's dive into this week's topic!


Just because its made from plants doesn't mean it can't be FILTHY!

A lot of people still believe that Vegans only eat plants, when I say plants I of course mean salads or raw carrots etc. This typically couldn't be further from the truth. Believe it or not but most Vegans are just like you! We love a big dirty, greasy mess of cheesy gooeyness to chow down on and get that Mmmmmmmm feeling. This gives me an idea for our next contest! But before we get into that, have a look at some of the filth @moonunit has chowed down on in the last year!

That's a pound of seitan steak cheese melt in a garlic and bazil pesto heaven!


CFC (cruelty free chicken) Burger with facon and lashings of coleslaw


Pulled BBQ Jackfruit and pepper pizza!




Crispy hot wings, so hot, so crispy!


Marinated king oyster Facon mushroom and jalapeno pizza!

last one.png

Now that your appetites are wet lets get on with the contest. We know that Christmas or Holidays are coming so we know that people will be busy eating as much junk food as possible in the next week. We totally get it! In fact we get it so much that we geared this contest to suit all your filthy, filthy eating!

What you need to do

We want you to go out or stay in, order or make something filthy, take a snap and stick it in the comments section. No extra post, no tags, nothing, except for good FILTHY food snaps.

To find the contest on whaleshares, check out @that-vegan-whale page here.

There are just a couple of rules (there always are, right?) but not too many:

  • Plant based only, no animal based foods please!
  • Share & upvote this post so that we can reach as many people as possible.
  • Tag two friends who would enjoy participating or try some vegan junk food!

Good luck!


Post reward distribution: 40% to the main account, 30% to the author and 30% to the fund for future contests.



Hahaha what an awesome idea and easy requirements to join the contest :D
I hope to see some sauce dripping burger foodporn of @enjoyinglife, @illucifer and moooore! Will try to participate as well but my mother is cooking for me on Christmas and that means "normal Christmas stuff but patties instead of meat" so nothing special here for me.. ^^

Resteemed for suuuuuure!
Please make more of that crazy stuff you!

That his awesome @tibfox you should join even if it’s “nothing special” 😃 junk food rarely is special ahahhaa ❤️

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Resteem&support ✌👏🥦🍔😋

Japanese "junk" Fried (chicken) Tofu with cabbage and sea weed.

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Oh that looks tasty !!!! 👌

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@vegansofsteemit here is my yummy vegan pizza! Self-made of course as my husband and I love doing pizza and bread haha :)

Vegan Pizza - MVD.png

I tag: @bjornb and @ckcryptoinvest :) enjoy guys :D

Nice one @mvd!!!!! Looks very good !

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Fried potatoes! Sauteed sweet onion, yukon gold potato and russet potato. Olive oil, himilayan salt and black pepper!

very fancy junk food =) Thank you @freedompoint!!!

This is my filthy Saturday night meal, home made vegan pepperoni on pizza


And a cheeky link for recipe

oh yeah that looks filthy =) Hope it tasted as good as it looks! Thanks for your entry!!

If you are on whaleshares you still have time to join the contest over there!

This one really is a "challenge" for me! 🤣 I'll see if I can manage to fill up on something at least remotely indulgent, haha!

ahhahah once per year you're allowed Katie =) You will burn that stuff in your next workout session anyway =)

Haha, I know. I'm just so used to putting something green in just about everything I eat. 🤣

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Vegan Christmas sweets - white flour, vegan butter, chocolate, sugar and other delicious but not so healthy ingredients.


Veganized traditional Christmas meal - potato salad with mayo, canned green peas, pickles, carrot and corn with homemade seitan escalope that is breaded and pan fried - not that healthy but oh boy SO DELICIOUS :) Excuse the photo quality as it was very dark.


I hope my entry still qualifies for the contest :)

EDIT: Forgot to tag two friends: @sallybeth23 and @plantstoplanks - I hope you would enjoy some vegan junk food from time to time :)


This is an Indian based snack made of Puffed Rice, Tomato, Carrot, onions, organic coconut oil and lime.
Very healthy and easy to make.


I usually hate the term but this is literally #foodporn 😂 So much naughty deliciousness!

If you are on whaleshares you still have time to join the contest over there!

I am waaaaay too late - I know!

But I needed to join the tasty and filthy shoooow!

This is my lentils burger of todaaay:

If you are on whaleshares you still have time to join the contest over there!

Thanks but nope I am all in steem :)

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