What to do with Vegetable and Fruit Fibers after juicing? Make Veggie Treats for Dogs, Rodents, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits!

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Make sure to get to the bottom to see the cutest taste test EVER!



Recipe below.

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Catnapped Tempeh for a photo op. I'm all dressed-up... or down, so Nikita could take my "progress pictures" (coming soon).

Starting A Juice Feast aka Solid Food Vacation


I am on a journey my sexy beasts. A quest for optimal health. After years of eating crap; over 20 years eating animal products, lots of processed foods, way too much oil, and tons of refined sugar. I have finally started to turn things around. I went vegan 4 years ago and my health began to greatly improve. Unfortunately, this was not enough to counter all the damage done over the years. I decided to reset my body, starting with a solid food vacation and going forward with healthy vegan eating habits. Yes, being vegan does not equal healthy, but is an important step in the right direction, more on this to come. For God like powers and sexual fluids that taste like rainbows (yes, rainbows have a taste, and it's sweet), a whole foods plant based diet is key!


Zuchinni the rescued budgerigar joined me on my shoulder as I made my morning juice.


Glorious breakfast green juice!


What's inside.


Gave the fresh celery butt to Oreo the rescued guinea pig.


Also made a shooter of Ginger and Tumeric (the ginger and tumeric fibers I don't use for pet treats. Instead I dehydrate them and they are great to use in soup stocks, or when cooking).


Today was day 5 of my juice feast and I must say it's so easy if you can't do it it's because you suck balls... No, actually I want to curl into a ball and cry sometimes, it is NOT easy. There are ups and downs, usually mornings and evenings are tough. My first 3 days I had bad stomach pain and could really feel the detoxing effects, but now it's better. I want to give up several times a day, and just go out to a vegan restaurant and pig out! But I'm staying strong. To help keep me on track I allowed myself little cheatsies, keeping it raw and as liquidy as possible though.


Cheatsie, not juice, but pulverized watery smoothie.

This is my first time trying something like this and I know I need it, as do most people eating standard diets. I know in the long run it will get easier, and the fact that I'm being quite restrictive now, will help my transition to a mostly raw whole foods plant based lifestyle. I realize how addicted to cooked and processed food I am, and without the option of eating whatever I want it is really testing my will power. I am not being 100% strict and am allowing myself some high water content fruits like berries and watermelon, as well as fruit smoothies with homemade raw nut milks that I started including today. I have not been having any broths or teas as of yet, really sticking with raw foods for now. I have sprouted legumes growing 24/7, a crap load of fresh fruits / veggies in the fridge, and a backyard garden full of greens and tomatoes ripe for the picking. I will take you on a garden tour soon. Urban gardening is possible and you can greatly reduce your grocery bill by growing some veganic produce.


Sprouting all day baby! It's so easy all you need is a jar with a mesh lid for easy rinsing.

One thing I have noticed however, is that with juicing comes pulp, lots and lots of leftover fibers. When on a juice feast there is an exceptionally large amount of fiber being produced, enough fiber to cure even the heaviest meat eaters constipation, if only they would eat it... but who wants to eat raw veggie fibers?! My beautiful companion animal friends, that's who! Didn't see that one coming did ya? Oh you did... It's in the title?... Alright then... Of course, even the animals cannot eat all this fiber in one shot, so how to make it last?


Lets get to it!



  • Fruit and Vegetable Fibers (remove seeds before juicing)

  • Food Dehydrator or Oven set on Lowest temperature

  • FOR DOG TREATS ONLY** ADD - Ground flax seed meal.

**For Dog Treats can add ground flax about 2 tbsp per cup of fibers.

** For Rodents, Rabbits, and Guinea Pigs the amount of Flax should be none or very little only a pinch per cup of vegetable fibers.

Flax is a great source of essential omega 3 fatty acids but can lead to weight gain and loose stools if fed in large quantities.

WARNING : If you are unsure of weather a certain type of food is suitable for your companion animal please double check, or ask your vet. Best is to stick with only fruit and veggie pulp for rodents, guinea pigs and rabbits. For Dogs you can get much more creative, adding ground legumes and seeds as well.


The fresh pulp.

  • Mix ingredients by hand in a big bowl.
  • Roll into small balls and press down to create disc shape with about 1 inch diameter. Or use a teaspoon to make little balls. It's up to you what shape you prefer.
  • Place in dehydrator or oven on lowest heat around 110 degrees F.
  • They are ready when firm to touch and crack when broken in half. Do not overcook, specially if in oven.


About this size if making disks.


Another shape using 1/2 tsp.

IMG_0480 (2).JPG

Think this shape will be even better!


Placed on dehydrator shelf.


Different varieties.


These ones are without flax / oil.

Can use all kinds of fruit and veggie fibers including from the following:

  • Kale

  • Celery

  • Beet Greens

  • Beets

  • Carrot

  • Swiss chard

  • Turnips

  • Tomatoes

  • Radish

  • Apples

  • Sprouts

  • Etc...

  • Store in a cool dry place, preferably in a sealed glass or plastic container. If there is flax inside best to keep refrigerated.
    Treats will remain good for over 1 month.


Give generously as treats!

Tofu the Samoyed Taste Test! He approves.


Thoroughly described!!!
Nice post

Thank you! :)

nice, follow back?

Sure! Thanks

Quick question for you -- what do you consider the benefits of a mostly raw diet? What is it about cooking that's sub-optimal?

Also, a warning for new pet owners... do NOT feed this type of treat to ferrets, it will literally kill them! They are obligate carnivores.

I have never been on a fully raw dit before, and do not have anything against cooked food diets if your body feels good that is what counts. Personally I find the more raw food I eat the better I feel and that is the best evidence for me. I do know that whole cooked foods can be very nutritious even more so than raw sometimes. But it is the added oils, salt and sugars that are not good, and I find cooked food without these ingredients feels a bit unsatisfying. Fruit on the other hand is always very satisfying to me.

For ferrets and cats I did not suggest this treat be given to them, as I doubt they would eat it. It would not kill them however. Even cats eat grass to help with their digestion. Any plant matter that is indigestible will just come out in their poop or in a hairball.

The domestic European ferret (Mustela putorius furo), is a member of the mustelid family which also includes otters, mink, badgers, weasels, skunks, & numerous other musk-producing mammals. ... Ferrets are not members of the rodent family, nor are they related to the opossum, raccoon or mongoose.

Wow, using sex appeal to sling your pet food recipe, you worked that in seamlessly. You can do anything with this format. Does suggesting a sexy article on Insoluble fiber make me a bad person?

hehe I use what I got ;)

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Wow, you put a lot of effort in food preparation. I just started experimenting with wegan food (it's healthy and very tasty).

Check out my last vegan dinner: https://steemit.com/food/@gustoo/vegan-burger-in-warsaw-place-name-krowarzywa

ahhah aaww look all your friends, beautiful! :)

This is great those drinks look so amazing too I'm glad more people is spreading the love :) <3

soy tu tio

Hehe thanks! :)

What a cool idea! I don't have pets, but I love iiiiit ♥ Usually I mix the pulp with some tahini, flax seeds, sunflower seeds etc. and make some raw crackers for myself :p

Where art thou @veganbeast? Steemit's missing you ;)

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