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RE: What to do with Vegetable and Fruit Fibers after juicing? Make Veggie Treats for Dogs, Rodents, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits!

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Quick question for you -- what do you consider the benefits of a mostly raw diet? What is it about cooking that's sub-optimal?

Also, a warning for new pet owners... do NOT feed this type of treat to ferrets, it will literally kill them! They are obligate carnivores.


I have never been on a fully raw dit before, and do not have anything against cooked food diets if your body feels good that is what counts. Personally I find the more raw food I eat the better I feel and that is the best evidence for me. I do know that whole cooked foods can be very nutritious even more so than raw sometimes. But it is the added oils, salt and sugars that are not good, and I find cooked food without these ingredients feels a bit unsatisfying. Fruit on the other hand is always very satisfying to me.

For ferrets and cats I did not suggest this treat be given to them, as I doubt they would eat it. It would not kill them however. Even cats eat grass to help with their digestion. Any plant matter that is indigestible will just come out in their poop or in a hairball.

The domestic European ferret (Mustela putorius furo), is a member of the mustelid family which also includes otters, mink, badgers, weasels, skunks, & numerous other musk-producing mammals. ... Ferrets are not members of the rodent family, nor are they related to the opossum, raccoon or mongoose.

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