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Paying to Kill When We Consume Dairy?

Cows do not always produce milk, they are mammals like us and must be pregnant to make milk for their babies.

All males are by-products of the dairy industry and are killed as babies to make veal. Can you imagine what their lives are like?


What is in MILK?

The short answer, pus, lots of it, along with natural mammalian hormones like estrogen.


The estrogen in dairy can cause Gynecomastia aka bitch tits / man boobs, along with many other health problems.

On the otherhand the phyto estrogen in soy milk actually has protective effects by blocking the estrogen receptors in our bodies. If you ever heard soy estrogen is dangerous you have been lied to.

Paying to Kill Babies

If you consume dairy products you NEED to know this. When consumers buy dairy they are DIRECTLY supporting an industry that kills all males when they are still babies.

What the Dairy Industry Does to Baby Cows (NOT GRAPHIC)

There are no such thing as "happy farms" all male babies are useless to the dairy industry and are killed for veal. Taken away from their mothers only hours after birth.

2 Minute Hidden camera dairy calf investigation

This is footage from Australia a short 2 minute documentary. There are no kind abattoirs (slaughterhouses) it is like this all around the world. Wherever humans consume dairy this is happening.

DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

Their lives are in our hands, choose compassion go vegan.

Alternatives That are Cruelty Free and Delicious!


What is your favorite plant milk? Comment bellow!


Let's not be Hypocrites


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Thanks for sharing... Love it.

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It is an eye opener post for all non vegans but still they don't want to open their eyes means they are acting to close their eyes.
Thanks for sharing 🍀