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Hi sweethearts! So we spontaneously decided that we want to stay here to Aishlinn @trucklife-family and her girls a few days more. So we are going to explore the area a little bit more tomorrow, and on Thursday there is a local market that we want to visit together with her. I am feeling so in peace at this place, the energy from the mountains and the stillness is giving me back all my energy and balance. Somehow time seems to go slower here and I am really enjoying that, as the last few months have been very busy and fast-going with late nights and days that disappear in a blink.

Today the girls wanted some waffles because they had seen my pictures from yesterdays post, so I showed them the whole process, and we even got some very pretty pictures! As a food blogger, I am traveling with my waffle iron, blender, and our falafel maker (and many of our spices!), to be able to eat whatever we wish, wherever we are!

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This was my breakfast this morning, just some muesli with spelt milk and figs, later I added some almond milk that Aishlinn had made today (omg so amazingly delicious, have never tried such sweet almond milk that really tastes like almonds!).

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These are the waffles we made today, the girls decorated them. We had two bunch of waffles, the first one with the recipe from yesterdays post, and then the second one with peanut butter, banana, we had some really nice and crispy, but many of them were quite difficult to get it out because of not enough oil, but at the end we figured out how to spread the oil evenly on the waffle iron without a brush. The kids loved to watch and to help me, and of course to eat the waffles!

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We are enjoying the sun and summer here, it is still quite warm, especially during the day.

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This is the famous truck where Aishlinn and her girls are living!

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Much love to you all!


That's wonderful that you are enjoying your travels so much! Those figs are stunning, and I can only imagine how delicious they taste in that muesli. I wish I was there to get my peanut butter and banana waffle, too--always a favorite combination in my book!

Oh yes, wish we could share them with you too, dear Katie!! Much love to you!!

That looks like a paradise <3

Oh yes it was!!

I am still a strong advocate of you using the tag foodporn or unicorn food, this looks too good to be true 💚💚💚

Oh yes I should do that;) Thanks sweetheart!!!

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Wow! Those breakfasts look amazing. I'll have to try them. Have fun at the market!

Thanks Sam, the next time you are invited for some delicious waffles!

Looking forwards to it. :P

Wow, that's dedication. travelling with all your kitchen stuff. I travelled with a compact blender before but decided to go back to travelling light. The place looks amazing, would have stayed a little longer too. Enjoy the stillness and relaxation. And as always beautiful and yummy looking food and stunning pics!

Thank you so much Amy!! Yes we love it there, and really in need for that kind of stillness and nature, so we are going to move there, its so exciting!!

Wow it is like feast and looks delicious.Enjoy your meal!

yes my girls and I did love those waffles, you have us spoilt xxxx

Oh it was a pleasure making them with your girls!!