Vegan Dish of the Day - Good Roots 🍆

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Take good care of your body - It's the only place you have to live in. 🍠🍆🥑

Always remember, good friends buy you food, best friends eat your food 🤪

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Love the rice. I used to eat rice for every meal for 5 years in Vietnam. Anything with rice is awesome.

Although I'm not in Vietnam i also eat rice almost everyday (not so common for breakfast, but sometimes. ..yes)
Try rice and smash the avocado on good

Smashed avo goes almost with everything!! :-D

It's actually quinoa :-)

Have you tried? download (1).jpeg

I know what quinoa is but i've never taste it.
But you know (i can feel your envy from now), I'll be visiting Peru soon and maybe i can taste some quinoa there.
(yeah, you are envious and angry)
Wish me luck!

20 tags , no german , upvote bot and not even a fucking recipe... Improve your content men

@gogreenbuddy Didn't know about the tags, receipt was posted & steepshot didn't take all the write up. Relax.

the food looks very nice!

Wonderful and very nice I like this salad really raise the appetite

Bon apetit! :)

Hey @tinadahmen, nice salad.
And the avocado on it makes it delicious.
Still very healthy for me but i like it.

Hahaha what do you mean by still very healthy for you? Too healthy? How?? This is HEAVEN

A bit greasy and..... yeah. ... The HEAVEN !!

(at least sometimes please. If one, you make me happy ; )

Not greasy at all! :) Come here and I will invite you to one! :)

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Nice one thanks! :)

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