Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies (VEGAN recipe)

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Vegetables in cakes. Cakes made of vegetables. Somehow it works.

This blog post is an easy recipe to make sweet potato chocolate brownies. It took about an hour to make, including prep time, and they have gone down pretty well served with Swedish Glace vegan ice cream.



2 medium sized mashed sweet potatoes - I microwaved them first then removed the skins and mashed them

60 grams nut butter

1 tbsp maple syrup

20g cocoa powder

20g dark choc chips


Microwave or cook the sweet potatoes. Peel off skin when cooled and then mash to a lumpy pulp.

Melt butter on a low heat and add the maple syrup.

Mix cocoa powder and choc chips together. Add to mashed sweet potato and mix well - make sure the potato is thoroughly mashed.

Add butter and syrup and mix.

Spread batter into a pan on grease proof paper and cook for about half an hour.


The mixture is very dense and won't rise as this recipe does not use flour.

Once brownies have cooled, store in the fridge for a short while.


Wow, I must try this! I love sweet potatoes and did not know they can be included in brownies! It would be interesting to find out how it tastes!

Just nake sure you mash up those sweet potatoes properly as its a little off putting if you find a chunk . But theres a lot of baking you can do with them!

Nice, I followed you because I was looking for people interested in mushroom cultivation and came across one of your older posts. I've been writing about fungi and mushrooms lately too.

Aw thank you, ill check out your posts.

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