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RE: Zucchini Spaghetti al Dente with Basil Pesto and Cashew Parmigiano { #sixweekhealth Week SIX }

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Love the recipe - I am not an advocate of raw food for my own reasons but would make this salad- Love the knife! Love the spirelli machine. Great information on the courgette (I still would blanch to leech them to go easy on my kidneys). Would love to get my hands on those olives you describe with much passion. But surprised about the slicing up of the cigar-rolls of basil. Got reprimanded for that once upon a time....(the Italians swear by tearing). My dinner for tonight has been decided! Going out to buy a spiral noodle maker!


Glad I put all those options in, saves me some discussions :) There is always some discord in the kitchen like metal knifes vs. ceramic ones. I think the chiffonade Is preferably used in restaurants and tearing maybe at home and cooking for friend and family, Italians are very domestic:)