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Imagine that time has turned back, and you can again perceive a huge amount of information, stay positive every day, radiate good and serenity. How to do it? Don't reinvent the wheel or the time machine! Try a raw vegan diet!
You ask: "Why this is for me ?? How can I give up delicious food, coffee, alcohol? Why live without such an affordable buzz?"


The answer is in the runoff! Because we are constantly under high from food and don't know what we really are!
Analyze your day! How many times do you get angry, condemn, swear? Why does such anger come from us when we are hungry? This isn't our voice! This is affected by the food inside of us! And how much time do we spend on cooking and hiking in a cafe?


Moreover, we grow old, sick, it doesn't take long for us to forget. Is this the life you want to live? Do you want to be a zombie or healthy, happy, harmonious person? I'm not forcing you to screwing yourself, just try it!


Your thoughts will become another, you will begin to read more, learn foreign languages! You will again become a child who wants to know this world! You will lose weight, sport will become an integral part of your life! Because you will have a lot of energy!


Do you want a face and a body look like on the cover of a magazine, without surgical plasty and beauty shots? Then, I advise you to start with juices!
Now I'm 20 days on a juice fast, I feel great! I go to the gym, I'm always passionate about something! A lot of business-ideas are born in the head, and, most importantly, I have the power to implement them!


Enough to succumb to the system! We are fed to make us blunt and don't see the picture of the world! Include more fruits, vegetables and juices in your diet! And in a month you will see how the world around you becomes different!


If I could reach you, then I recommend switching to raw vegan diet with juices! Go on juice fast as much as you can! Drink at least 3-4 liters of juices a day! Come out from juices with the help of soaked prunes and juicy fruits!


Go through the withdrawal and, very soon, you will become free and happy! :)


Stay healthy! God bless you!


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Урааа я первый))


молодец! получи с полки не пирожок, а ананасик!))

Stay strong! Juice is power. One day I will do it and I will drink juice for 30 days.


it's so cool! You got to try this!)

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Классно! Не знаю конечно как тебе энергии хватает еще ходить в спорт зал!
This is awesome, I dont know how you have enough energy to hit the gym!


Марк, на самом деле, энергии больше, чем обычно)) Ну и проще нашу зиму бесконечную пережить)

Дашенька шикарный пост!!! Я рада что знаю тебя, вместе мы не даем друг другу скатиться назад!!! Ты не представляешь как ты меня вдохновляешь!!!


Спасибо тебе, дорогая! А ты вдохновляешь меня! Счастлива, что мы встретились!)

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@slypeach, вы правы, надо больше употреблять живой пиши. Вот сижу и пью кофе, а надо бы свежевыжатого... А еще моя слабость красное вино, шоколад, сыр и качественные стейки. Ну ужас как не хочется отказыватся.


главное задастся целью)

That pink dress its so adorable! :) Great post! I just followed you!


Wow! Its so cute!) thanks! 😊🌸💃🏻👗

Thank you for motivation :)
I was about to have something bad but you motivated me not to :)


Thank you! 🙏🌸

Great idea! Aloha!


Aloha)) 🏝🌅