Learning to Cook!

in #vegan3 years ago

One thing I want for my children is to grow up and continue eating healthy foods. The only way I could think of instilling that in them was to make it a daily ritual to include them in tge prepping of food. I will admit, sometimes it drives my patience through the roof. They can be so slow when I am so hungry 😂 Plus I have an apartment sized kitchen in my house! So having any more company in the kitchen besides myself can be a tight squeeze. However the good out weighs the bad. I get ti spend quality time with my babies and thet will have the knowledge of how to eat healthy! So even though sometimes I am annoyed, I cherish tgise moments of our precious time together because I know all too soon they will be teenagers. 😲



My babies sure are growing up! My one daughter is learning how to use a peeler and my other is learning knife safety. I was guiding her and she was doing the cutting. They were making mashed potatoes.

Have a wonderful day everyone!