Go Vegan, No Animals!

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Kids sure are wonderful! They really are the future! When we switched to a plant based diet I did not expect the kids to be so inspired by it. They love to tell others how they are vegan everywhere we go. My son made me a picture the other day, I was super proud of him. It got me thinking about how my kids are going to be a part of change in the future. I am extremely proud of them for spreading the love!


A new slogan maybe?? "GO VEGAN, NO ANIMALS!"

Have a wonderful day!


I've heard that in the future, we will look back and think of meat eating as barbaric. I've been vegetarian for almost a year and feel great. I rather have acid in my stomach than bacteria from dead animals. Still haven't gone full vegan, but I eat far less dairy than I use to.

That is a great start! Keep up the great effort!

Have you ever heard of alkaline? If not I would definitely look into it.

Alkaline?? Want to elaborate on that a little bit @jtoda0

No problem :) the man I follow is Dr.sebi, and he basically explains how the fruits and vegetables we eat today are hybrids. Man has created their own vegetables and fruits but by doing this we have injected them with many chemicals which make our body to acidic. When you have to much acid in the stomach, a layer is coated around it and makes a living in environment for bacteria and disease. This is honestly just the basics but it is definitely eye opening. Would also recommend watching "What The Health" on netflix.

Thanks. I love what the health. It is the reason we switched to vegan 💗

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