Vegan Mexican Taco Night - Live Online Cooking Show

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How does Mexican Taco night sound to you? 💃🏼🥳

If you haven’t yet heard about the cooking show Let's Cook Raw - now is the time. This is a project to create raw vegan dishes together in live online cooking shows with the guidance of experienced raw food chefs. Some of the chefs who are part of this are Chris Kendall (The Raw Advantage) Louise Koch (Fruity Lou) and Melissa Maris (Raw Food Romance) and I feel honoured to now join this inspiring team.

On Sunday 12th July, 12pm EST I will show you how to make fully raw Mexican Tacos - live! The registration for this unique event is free of charge and there are limited spaces so reserve your spot right away. Simply register on the website of Let's Cook Raw.


You can check out the ingredients list beforehand and get everything ready so that we can prepare this delicious meal together, each of us from the comfort of our own kitchen. The whole show will be moderated by Dr. Doug Graham author of the famous book “The 80/10/10 Diet”.

I am very excited for this and can’t wait to create an amazing show with you. I hope we can get as many people together as possible to make this event very special for all of us! If you have any questions, please let me know.

And make sure to register right away to reserve your spot. 😉

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Anais

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This looks like a fantastic lunch treat indeed

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