Cooked Food Cravings on the Raw Vegan Lifestyle

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Yes, it can happen - although you might really enjoy all the raw fruits and veggie dishes, you start craving cooked foods. Well, first of all, there is no shame in that. So many memories attached to it, so many favorite recipes. Many of us consumed mainly cooked dishes during their life so no wonder that is it not always easy to let go of that habit.

You are not alone. Let me show you a few tips how to play with those cravings and get back into the driver seat of your raw food journey.

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💫First of all, loving the taste of your raw dishes certainly helps, such a this amazing zoodle bowl. For raw vegan recipe inspiration check out my ebook „Raw Vegan Abundance“ with 55 super tasty and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time.

🍇 EATING ENOUGH: For me, cooked food cravings can sneak in when I didn’t eat enough over the day. Cooked foods are usually higher in calories, our body remembers that and wants us to go for the quick load when not getting enough food through our raw meals. To check if that might be the case for yourself, experiment with eating more fruits and see if the cravings vanish just by themselves.

☃️ COLD CLIMATE: Winter makes us crave more warming foods. Add some cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, turmeric or vanilla to your smoothies. Warming, hearty additions for your evening meal can be paprika powder, turmeric and black pepper, curry powder or garlic.

🍌 PLANNING: Always have some of your favorite fruits and fresh greens and veggies at home so that you don’t tempt yourself to reach for cooked meals when some cravings might show up. Ripe, high-quality produce is the key.

🥦 COMPROMISE: You can’t shake off the thoughts about cooked foods? Don’t be too hard on yourself, maybe you just need a little more time to transition. Instead of completely falling back to cooked foods, think about adding a few cooked items to your raw meals to satisfy your cravings. This could be some baked potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin or quinoa as topping on your salad. Or some steamed veggies on top of your raw noodles. Play with it!

Have a fruity day, everyone! Anais

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Looks amazingly delicious indeed - so yummy

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