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I don’t have a cabinet full of superfoods, yet there are a few powerful treasures that I choose to include into my daily routine. One of them is shilajit!

Shilajit is a natural substance oozed from rocks in the Himalayan mountains - some also come from Siberia.

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Depending on the origin, how it is processed and stored, the quality differs greatly from product to product. Therefore I’ve tested quite a few already and lately got the opportunity to try shilajit drops from Pure Himalayan Shilajit . Here is what I exeperienced:

💫 SKIN HEALTH: I have a history of skin issues and although my skin has improved tremendously over the years with the help of raw food and other health practices, my healing journey is not finished yet. Shilajit helped me to go a step further on this path.

💫 MENTAL CLARITY : This was the perfect timing to put it to the test since right now I am playing with many new projects which are time sensitive - a combination that can easily lead to feeling overwhelmed and get stuck with your thoughts. Not this time - I felt like it was easier for me to focus and find my flow.

💫 ENERGY LEVEL : I lead a very active lifestyle right now helping out in a friend’s vegan, high-raw café many hours a day on my feet surprising people with amazing plant-based dishes. Due to the holiday season business picked up and I am in the kitchen more than ever. Thanks to all the fruits to fuel my body along with a bit of my new shilajit superpower I can go through my days with full energy.

Some other benefits one might experience when taking shilajit is improved digestion, increases libido or better blood circulation.

So far Pure Himalayan Shilajit worked really well for me. Apart from the good results, their packaging makes safe storage so easy and the drops I got are super comfortable to use. They have the shilajit available in other forms as well like resin or powders to fit everyone’s personal preferences.

Have you tried shilajit before? What benefits did you experience?

Have an amazing day, everyone! Anais

💫 If you want more daily inspiration about raw food, vibrant nutrition, holistic health and conscious lifestyle - check out my Instagram account or the Raw Expansion website.

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Thank you for sharing this

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