Fruits for Happiness: How to Boost our Mood with Delicious Food

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Most of us already experienced some emotional challenges at some point in our life or know people who struggle with such issues. But did you know that a vibrant diet can actually help you achieve more happiness?

There is a great video on called Which Foods Increase Happiness where Dr. Greger reviews a few studies that look into the positive correlation of fruits and veggies intake and happy vibes.

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One study of 80.000 Britains showed that those with a higher intake of fruits and veggies experience more happiness and satisfaction. Another study with 404 young adults even reported more curiosity and greater creativity along with an increase in well-being on days when more fruits and veggies were consumed.

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Dr. Greger suggests that the vitamin C content which takes part in dopamine production is one reason for the astonishing results. Another one can be the high amount of antioxidants in fruits and veggies that lower inflammation and consequently improves bodily functions.

But at the end, you don’t need any research to convince you of munching more grapes or oranges - try it yourself and explore how that makes you feel compared to those days with less fruit and veggie goodness.

Have a fruitful day, everyone! Anais

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Looks like a fantastic snack indeed

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