🐷 Celebrating my 3 Year Veganversary 🎉

in #vegan5 years ago

For years I admired the “persistence” of vegans, telling myself I could never give up cheese 🧀

After a 30 trial on a vegan competition diet (for a bikini comp), I never looked back. It has been soooo much easier than I thought! Once I got the addictive opioids from the cheese out of my system, it was super easy!

There are SO many meat and dairy alternatives now. I made this infograph from www.vegancalculator.com about what I have saved in my 3 years. Astonishing, huh?? 🐔

According to Cowspiracy, Animal agriculture contributes to more environmental damage than the entire world’s transportation systems. So I don’t mind tooting my little horn for doing my part to save this blue rock we live on! 🌏


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@ogc how old were you when you became vegan? I am considering a diet change myself and am curious 🙄

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I was 33. I also started school for Holistic Health Coaching that same year and it just reaffirmed the decision!

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