[VIDEO] Day 115 of 777 - #seven77 Exercise Challenge

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Greetings fellow Earth citizens :)

Day 115 of the challenge done today. I took a fun trip to an animal sanctuary today. They were having their annual event and had lots of fun little things for people to do and lots of vegan and organic snacks. It was so cool to be able to interact with their rescued animals. The piglets were so cute. If I can find a way to have an animal sanctuary at some point in my life, I very much want to do that.

Have you ever pet a donkey? I got to today. They are so much softer than I thought they would be, I thought they had pretty coarse hair like a goat. Also, pigs' noses are so adorable, I didn't know that they had so much movement control over them.

Here is the link to my twitter post about today's challenge.


Until next time,


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