Day 141 of 777 - #seven77 Exercise Challenge

in #vegan3 years ago

Greetings fellow Earth citizens :)

Day 141 of the challenge done with :) this one was done immediately following the previous "day". I wanted to catch up as I had gotten a little behind. Now I am though. And luckily, the extra routine felt excellent as well.

I'm hoping soon I'll be able to do my capoeira again. I don't really know why, I have just been feeling really busy and stressed lately and it's been a daunting task to do. But, I do intend to continue with it soon.

I'm hoping that I'll soon be able to pick up some physical hobbies. I want to get into rock climbing again, and one of the trainers at PSU is part of the badminton club and loves playing ping pong. So I'm thinking I'll be able to pick those up too. They're both super fun. Do you have any hobbies that get you active? I find it so much more enjoyable to stay active doing fun things, though I do also really enjoy just straight exercise. It's always good to have a balance.

Here is the link to my twitter post about today's challenge.

Until next time,



Already started with Capoeira again or moved?

You still have a contest of 2 weeks ago open!

Let me know if sick me without fun can help you out for the time being.

Enjoy the fun exercise.

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Hey there! I wanted to let you know that we finally finished judging at the IFC.

You scored at least one point during the season so you are eligible to play in the finals and compete for the grand prize of the crypto, artwork and crystal trophy if you want to.

I'm so sorry it took so long... A lot of crazy stuff has been happening in my life and the world in general.
Part of the delay has also been in relation to difficulty with finding judges on a budget and me improving the IFC in the future in other ways, so I'm definitely not giving up on this contest and I want to keep doing it in the future and I hope to address some of these issues and put more financial resources in regards to the prizes and such and more hopefully towards this idea/game if things work out well.

Right now I've set the date for the finals for November 28th, I'll probably make the post in the morning or afternoon mountain standard time if nothing changes and would be honored if you're still willing to play.
If that timeframe doesn't work for you, but you still want to play then let me know and maybe we can move things around a bit as I'd like to have more players if possible.

Once again I'm so sorry about the delay... I feel bad about it, though I do hope that we can still finish the season with at least two players?

Please let me know when you can if you think you'll be able to play on that date or not or if we should move things around a bit so I can figure things out more. Peace and much love! <3

PS... It looks like you've been inactive for quite a while so I'll try to message you on discord or see if there's another way like an email somewhere or something, I see you have a twitter there however I don't have a twitter account and not sure I have the time to try to create one. It would be great if you could play. But, I understand you're probably very busy and I hope you're doing well. <3

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