Day 137 of 777 - #seven77 Exercise Challenge

in #vegan3 years ago

Greetings fellow Earth citizens :)

Day 137 of the challenge done. I haven't experienced this level of soreness in some time haha. While it's nice to know I'm working hard, tomorrow's bike ride may be, uh, challenging, to put it mildly haha. But I am confident I will be able to manage. I may just have to not bike at the intense pace I normally push myself to do.

So I got no responses about my question about stopping these videos. I don't know if that means a positive or negative response. I'm still trying to figure it out, and trying to find time for things in my life. So I'll give it a little longer, if it becomes troublesome I will likely stop.

A food-related question today. Have you ever tried quinoa? If so, do you feel it is acceptable to use as a substitute for both oatmeal and rice? I personally do. I like having quinoa both in salads and by itself with fruit and cinnamon. Apparently this is not a common thing? I don't know. If you have never tried it as a breakfast food, I would definitely recommend it.

Here is the link to my twitter post about today's challenge.

Until next time,



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