Day 133 of 777 - #seven77 Exercise Challenge

in #vegan4 years ago

Greetings fellow Earth citizens :)

Day 133 of the challenge done. I felt not great for most of today. Just very tired and sort of out of it. Meh. I tried to rest today, but it didn't seem to help any. I biked in to my gym again, another 14-mile round trip. A little easier than yesterday, but it'll be a while before that route gets easy again.

Hopefully once I get things settled a bit more, I can try to branch out with these videos a bit. I still want to do one in a park somewhere. I also have not forgotten about the author readings. I do intend to continue those at some point. It's just been a bit stressful and hectic lately. Does anyone particularly want those continued? I've only gotten positive responses from one person so far, and while that is greatly appreciated, I'd be more likely to do them more if I had some more responses.

Here is the link to my twitter post about today's challenge.

Until next time,


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