Day 131 of 777 - #seven77 Exercise Challenge

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Greetings fellow Earth citizens :)

Day 131 of the challenge done. I kicked something and cut my toe, so I don't want to do the jumping today. No point in pushing through that kind of pain. Hopefully tomorrow it'll feel fine.

I had my first training day at PSU today. It's good to be back there, but at the same time it's a little odd. We had an interesting ice breaker questionnaire thing. I'm not sure how effective it was, but it seemed to work alright. At least personal trainers are usually a social bunch haha. What's the oddest ice breaker you have ever been a part of? I feel like the bingo game ones are always weird. Really, any of them where it is gamified, because then it seems to be less about learning about your peers and more about completing the game.

Here is the link to my twitter post about today's challenge.

Until next time,



Great job on your seven77 push-ups. Awesome. Keep on keeping on with seven77.

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Thankful to you Brother
Boundless #Seven77 Pushing for #Steem

Congratulations on day 131. !tip

Thank you, that's very kind of you

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Let's keep up, together we can move forward.

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