Day 127 of 777 - #seven77 Exercise Challenge

in #vegan4 years ago

Day 127 of the challenge done. Today was my birthday. I had a nice, fairly calm day. I had a nice training session with a new client, who I'll hopefully be instructing in some future classes, then went to dinner with my family at an organic and vegan restaurant, and then spent the evening hanging with my sister and girlfriend playing card games. Haha it's almost 3 AM but I want to be consistent with getting these videos done every day.

What do you feel is a reasonable commute time? I'm in the process of looking for housing, and part of the major issues is how long getting to work would take for my girlfriend and myself. I'm curious about what kinds of times other people have, as I don't have a ton of perspective on this.


Sehr gute s Workout👍😉👌

Let's do it, our vision will come true!

Congrats on doing 127 for #steem. Great work

Great job on the #seven77. I appreciate you

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