What I ate today + exercise as a vegan athlete on vacation // Chiang Mai, Thailand

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What I eat and how I exercise as a vegan athlete on vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

June 2017

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Wow the fruits looked really delicious :D I wanted to have a bite tooo!!! Great video by the way!

Thanks! The fruit in Thailand is amazing and super sweet!! :)

Thanks for this Nicole,
i've been to Thailand twice, first time as a meat eater and loved the food. 2nd time going as natural whole food non processed non sugar plant based vegan, i lost so much weight my partner was worried for me.
To start off our trip we stayed with someone doing thai cooking classes, his food look so yummy but i was shocked what he was using and apparently most other ppl use too. MSG!(u will see it for sale in packets in every shop!) i'm also not a fan of soy sauce and and other store brought sauces as they tend to contain sugar. Refined carbs, white rice and some noodles all these thing i can't eat. We were cooking for ourselves everyday but found it difficult to find fresh food apart from fruits that were appealing in the end. I'm sure you as an athelete will burn off any nasty additives but everyone should be cautious esp of MSG. I don't think thai food has always been like this, somewhere the modern world has interfered with their traditions.

I stayed in Chiang Mai in the northern region of Thailand. We found a lot of places that were more wholesome with their cooking. One such place called 'Happy Green' is 100% vegan and grows all its own fruit and vegetables in a huge garden next to the restaurant. They do raw and cooked food that is oil and sugar free (and some stuff salt free). It so clean and delicious! We also bought a lot of own fruit and vegetables from the markets and cooked our own food in our kitchen at the place we were staying.

Nice! Thailand is an awesome place for vegans :-)

Thailand is one of my favourite places to go for vegan food! :)