Dr. Sebi - the Amazing Herbalist who could heal Cancer, AIDS, Sickle Cell, Hepatitis etc. etc. etc...

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What I'm going to write here will not be well received by many vegans. But I have to speak the truth as I understand it. I live in Chiang Mai, north Thailand. There are many vegan restaurants here. They are expensive, and are well patronised by mainly foreign tourists who are health-conscious and prepared to pay more for healthy food. Unfortunately, when I check their menus, I do not find ONE SINGLE healthy item on offer.

What is my criterion for healthy food? I follow the late, great Dr. Sebi's recommendations.

Dr. Sebi was not a doctor. He often proudly proclaimed that he didn't spend one day in school in his entire life.

He was born Alfredo Bowman in Honduras. But his real ancestry was African. He was black.

He said Africans have a simple thought process - they like to reduce everything to the lowest common denominator.

He said there is only ONE disease. There were never two.

The disease is given different names according to which organ is affected.

The disease is an accumulation of mucus, which starves the organ of oxygen.

This is caused by a compromised mucus membrane.

This is caused by an over-acidic body.
This is caused by the fact that most of what we eat is toxic and acidifies the body.
If the mucus goes to the sinuses, it's called sinusitis.
If the mucus goes to the bronchial tract, it's bronchitis.
If it goes to the lungs, it's pneumonia.
If it goes to the brain it's Alzheimer's.
Etc, etc, etc.

Dr. Sebi was a merchant seaman, and he became a ship's engineer.

At the age of 30 he was obese, diabetic, asthmatic and impotent.

He met a Mexican herbalist who told him he was dying. He followed the herbalist's regime of fasting and taking herbal compounds to detox his body and remove all the mucus from his system.
All his problems were cleared up within a few months.

More to follow, if anybody is interested.

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