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In a galaxy far, far away, at the far reaches of the universe, a highly advanced race of beings - known as the Titans - have discovered a planet inhabited by a rare, primitive race of beings who - up until now - had remained undetected by the higher-evolved predators of the cosmos.

Populating a luscious planet known as Earth, human beings have warred against their own kind for millennia and, after developing nuclear weapons and other forms of primitive weaponry, are estimated to self-destruct within the next twenty years.

Unsettled by this, the Titans cast to the Milky Way galaxy and announce their arrival on Earth. It would be a waste, after all, to allow another developing species to self-destruct after having been discovered by one of the most exalted races' in the universe.

Rather than sit by and watch the humans commit collective suicide, the Titans had decided to intervene and, to the delight of their earthly prey, present themselves as a saviour and offer the humans residency on their home planet. Humans boarded the Hydra spaceship by the billions, hoping to leave their war-torn world behind for greener pastures on the other side of the universe.

It was an elaborate trap, of course, and, after having formed somewhat of an intergalactic bond with the humans, the Titans telepathically communicated their true intentions to every human on board the ship.

"Humans of Earth, you have boarded our ship in hopes of building a better society on our home planet, but instead, will serve out the remainder of your days as farmed, human cattle. Some of you, including the women and children, will be served on tonight's exquisite all-human menu!"

The Titans bred, farmed and butchered humans - along with many other antiquated species - for millions of years, often torturing and abusing their victims in a cruel, twisted display of superiority. Human farming prospered for more than 40 million years, until a revolutionary faction of Titans, known as the vegans, embarked on a long, arduous campaign to free humans from their captivity. The vegans were mocked, ridiculed and sometimes even murdered, but their message of freedom, compassion, and love for all sentient beings rippled throughout the universe and eventually won the hearts of the galactic brotherhood.....


Does any of the above sound somewhat familiar to you?

Human beings, in their arrogance and pride, subject hundreds of billions of 'lesser-evolved' animals to horrific abuse, abuse which we wouldn't tolerate for one second if it was meted out on us by another intellectually and technologically advanced race of beings. We believe our faculties of reason and intellect, our advanced technology and scientific discoveries, grant us with the right to enslave, abuse and slaughter trillions of animals each year.

Our reason, intellect and heightened sense of morality is what separates us from the animal kingdom, and it should be incumbent on us to treat animals with the love and respect they deserve, instead of using our intellectual gifts to pervert the natural order and enslave our fellow earthlings.

Our continued aggression and widespread initiation of violence towards the animal kingdom is, unbeknownst to many, accumulating a heavy karmic debt for the entire human race, and it is only a matter of time until the chickens come home to roost (no pun intended). The way we treat animals today could be a glimpse into how AI is going to treat humanity in the future. If another highly advanced race of beings does come into contact with humans in the near-future, are they going to treat us as brothers and sisters, or slaves and peasants?

We are birthing our future with each and every second that goes by, and it would be wise of us, if we wish to evolve in any kind of significant moral or spiritual capacity, to widen our circle of compassion to embrace all sentient beings.

Thanks for reading, 'In Lackech

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Scary story but your point is made, spells out the issue very well.

Great post! I love when people put it into the perspective of ‘how would you feel if it happened to you?’ One of the deciding factors for me to stop eating eggs was when I went to Vegfest and heard one of the speakers discuss how it would feel if I was stuck in a cage and couldn’t spread my arms and couldn’t stand up, and was lying on a metal grate day in and day out with zero quality of life. Made me really think about what an awful nightmare that would be.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment @jenniferferris. Empathy is the key!

I'm newer to Steem, but of all the vegans on here, your posting style resonates and inspires my future content more than any others. The vegan tag is probably over 80% recipe posts.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If my posts can be a source of inspiration to just one person, then I have gone above and beyond my own expectations on this platform. Thanks very much for the kind comment, @fruitdaddy and I look forward to reading your content - followed.

From my experience, only when I went full vegan did I appreciate the horror i had been complicit in.

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

Great post =) I always love to get new inspiration in case of arguments with non vegans. This was a great way to put it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Anything is possible. Spirit realm controls the physical