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Newest addition to my detoxification / health regime.... when I began deep cleansing 8 months ago (fruits & greens only) I didn’t feel like working out & my energy levels were that my body is cleaner,my kidneys are filtering & I have crazy energy , I crave exercise... I knew this day would come, which is why I didn’t push the exercise thing until my body asked for it... the same instance occurred when I made the switch from cooked veggies to a raw high fruit diet... I always knew I would go raw & mostly fruits, I just wasn’t in any hurry, I waited for my body to ask for it, and it did!! There’s no time frame for all of these important steps on this journey towards ultimate health, but if we begin somewhere, the road ahead will lead you to where you need to go...

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Awesome post! I appreciate the inspiration! Upvoted and followed. @dakini5d

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great post mariah ! and way to go with your intuition and NOT PUSH yourself when not ready , i think that is fantastic ! keep on your path !

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