Greggs' To Pay £7 Million Bonus To Staff After Vegan Sausage Roll Boosts Profits

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Like it or not, plant foods will increasingly have to feed the world's population.

The use of animals to convert grass and grain to protein is inefficient and destructive to the planet, and will become an extravagant luxury, Professor Brown tells CNBC 'Make It ' Programme.

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More evidence of change taking place --

Vegan Retailer - TheVeganKind - has to move to massive new premises after Vegan sales skyrocket in 2020

The huge new warehouse is 35,000 sq ft

E-commerce business 'TheVeganKind' - - was founded by husband and wife team Karris and Scott McCulloch in 2013.

This newest property has treble the floor size of their last base, for a total of 35,000 sq ft in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Greggs' To Pay £7 Million Bonus To Staff After Vegan Sausage Roll Boosts Profits

'Asda to become first UK retailer to launch ambient Vegan aisle'

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I know - the pace of change is so fast it makes one breathless. With my late wife we started a health shop and vegetarian restaurant in 1972. It was considered cranky then. A real vegan was rare because it seemed so extreme. I remember one or two from those days - bare footed because leather shoes involved animals - what a contrast today. Thank you michelnilles.