Super Easy Raw Vegan Chocolate

in vegan •  last year 

Today I want to share a favourite and often tried recipe for vegan raw chocolate. 


250 g  (organic) dates

50 g cocoa butter

50 g coconut cream /coconut butter is also suitable, just melt it before adding to the other ingredients/

5 tbs. raw (organic) cocoa powder

Мelt the cocoa butter. Add the dates, the coconut cream and the raw cocoa powder. Blend well in a mixer or blender. Pour the mixture in small bowls and decorate.  Voilà. It's that easy!

Keep refrigerated up to three days.

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Hey @hoperimmel that looks awesome, I am not vegan but am sugar free, so will be trying that out. How many does the recipe serve?


Hello and thank you! Well, it depends on the bowls you use, but for sure it serves 4-6.