Lockdown brinjal bean bunny

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Howzit going steemit friends, I haven't posted anything for a while now but I have some time on my hands due to the lockdown, I still have to work as I am considered a key worker, as I have to fix lorries suppling essential supplies. Things are looking really bad and the shops are bare, so in light of that I have shared what I have come up with. It is really difficult to find good bread so I made my own.


I found some tinned kidney beans, brinjal and potatoes, I still have some spices so I made a curry.

First some fennel seeds, and Cumin seeds and bay leaf.


Chopped brinjal or aubergine or eggplant, what ever you want to call it.


Then some onions and garlic.


Then some water with veggie stock, curry powder, gram masala, chilli powder, ground allspice, cinnamon powder, and I had no ginger so I used some old ginger powder I had in the kitchen, I also added kidney beans and potatoes and some tomatoes pasta I had left from a pasta dish I made a few days earlier.


Once I had made the bread I scooped out the middle part and made a bowl out of the bread.


Then I just poored in the curry and scoffed it down


Thanks for checking out my post and stay safe and wash handies every1


Looks like a tasty treat for real foodies - yumyumyum

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