What I eat in a month + explanation

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Hey everyone,

Sorry for such a long hiatus from here. I honestly haven’t been up to writing or doing much of anything. I don’t have any friends here with me in Colorado so I’ve deeply fallen into my introvert (slightly agoraphobic if I’m honest with you) lifestyle. I’m working through it.

Now onto the food, here’s all the tasty food I’ve bought and made this month! Let’s just pretend that the entire time I’ve been gone equates to a month😅

Beyond burger on a gf bun with some sautéed spinach

Buffalo cauliflower wings with a side salad and homemade blue cheese

Some of the filling I whipped up for gf enchiladas

A lovely Korean feast featuring Japchae, Bibimbap and Kimchi pancakes

Tried my hand at at the tomato sashimi and it was wonderful!

Made some spring rolls with a random combination of veg

Visited City O City for cauliflower and gf waffles - it was the first time I’d ever had this type of dish and I was in heaven

Explored HMart in Denver and found my one true love, Jackfruit🙌🏾

When to Nooch Vegan Market and bought nooch in bulk for the first time ever

Tested out a Facebook recipe for Cabbage steaks I decided to pair it with dill mashed potatoes, rice flour gravy and sautéed green beans

Popped into Moxie for their take on a Moscow Mule

Made a delicious Tofu Benny from Vegan Comfort Classics by Lauren Toyota

Called in an order from Bambino’s Pizzeria and they offer a gf crust (that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg), and vegan sausage/cheese!

Stopped by The Burrowing Owl after a long day of driving and learned that Monday’s are sushi nights. This was their house roll with homemade horseradish sauce, carrot-ginger-miso soup, air fried sweet potatoes and chow chow (a sweet Japanese slaw)

I supremed an orange and placed some baked tofu on rice crackers with hommous

Took a gf take on Vegan Comfort Classics’ Green pea pesto

I forgot how obsessed I am with Van’s gf waffles. Bananas and pecans just pair so well together

If you got this far, thanks for reading and thank you for re-living my food journey this past month

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