Lunch break

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Today I wanted carbs, but I can’t eat potatoes for every meal so I’m adding a bit of variety. I figure if I change up the plates that I eat off of, I’ll actually want to eat a full meal instead of snacking all day. I’m a fan of mono-meals and I get stuck in that mindset - it’s an obsessive thing, like I literally ate banana bread for a week because that all I had a taste for😅 Today I baked some russet potato fries with garlic salt, and falafel from the Eat Güd brand. I added some olives and Boar’s Head Kalamata tapenade hommus, some tomato slices and some wilted turnip greens.



Who says you can't eat potatoes everyday?? LOL! I love potatoes but I also try to challenge myself to switch it up. This looks very tasty and I absolutely love the presentation on the plates.

I definitely eat them everyday, I’m just try not to eat them for every meal lol! Thank you so much!!

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