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RE: [VIDEO] Day 124 of 777 - #seven77 Exercise Challenge + Capoeira

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Day 124 of the challenge done

dayumm... did you do every day?! mad respect if so!

I noticed you had some balance issues during the capoeira practice... maybe you need to work on your ankle strength?! Standing on one foot, closing the eyes will mess with your balance, and that forces you to train finding your stability through the pressure perceived on your foot-sole and it'll also be real good training for all the gazillion little muscles in your foot.


I have, but must have just been doing 7 push ups.

The balance issues are primarily from the super uneven grass. It's much more challenging to deal with then the ground I'm used to doing capoeira on. But on the plus side, that difficulty will allow me to improve. It may not look it but I do the kind of balance training you suggested quite regularly haha

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I have, but must have just been doing 7 push ups.

Yeah... still... amazing commitment! So: Kudos indeed!

ahh yeah... I see how the lawn adds a new challenge... I didn't see it was that bumpy ;)

Either way... you're definitely at least twice as fit as I am... so take my advice with a grain of salt... maybe I'm just being a smartass :P

Haha it has been quite fun actually. I'm hoping to get in more challenging stuff more often now that I'll be working in a gym. Or, hopefully, in two gyms :)

It'll be interesting to see if it gets easier. Though I'll have to do it more consistently if I want that to happen.

Haha, I don't think you can measure fitness like that :p I do appreciate the thought though :)

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