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A controversial story coming out of England has many people upset and confused.

18 piglets and two sows were rescued in a barn fire in Wiltshire in February which saw 60 tonnes of hay catch fire. In a controversial move, farm manager Rachel Rivers thanked the Pewsey fire team by giving them sausages made from the flesh of the very same piglets! The firefighter's who consumed the flesh of the piglets had initially thanked the farmer for her generosity and were boasting about how great their meal was.

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The farmer that granted the firefighters the pigs as a gift defended the public out lash by defending the gift, claiming animal farming is her way of livelihood and way of life. The fire station that received the flesh has since made a public apology on their Facebook page regarding their recent statements.

If you are familiar with the cruelty involved in all animal agriculture, this story will make you cringe. Yes the firefighters may have saved the pigs from being burnt alive, but they were still subjected to an equally horrendous death in the slaughterhouses.

This begs the question of why this story was put out and the implications we can take from it. If my neighbor were to save my dog from getting hit by a car would I reward my neighbor by serving him up the carcass of my dog he saved? Of course many people would find this absurd because we as a society have assigned different values and rights to specific animals.

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Let's take a stand for all living things on this plane and stop speciesism :)

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I am seriously considering avoiding meat altogether! Ever since my husband watched a slaughterhouse documentary, he can't stand meat either.