🧀 The #VeganCheeseChallenge - Share Your Recipe and Win Steem Dollars 💰

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Are you ready for the #VeganCheeseChallenge? 🧀

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We are looking for your best vegan cheese recipes! Melted over a pizza or burger, used as a delicious cheese sauce or just plain with some crackers. Let your creativity run wild!

The 1st Place Winner will receive

  • 3 SBD
  • Your recipe will also be resteemed

The 2nd Place Winner will receive

  • 1.5 SBD

The 3rd Place Winner will receive

  • 0.5 SBD

Your recipe can just be your favorite version of a vegan cheese or have cheese as a main ingredient - any great cheesy recipe will do!

To enter all you need to do is:

  1. Upvote and resteem this post
  2. Post your recipe with the hashtag #VeganCheeseChallenge
  3. Comment the link to your entry on this post

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The winners will be announced on Wednesday the 28th of February, I can't wait to drool over all of your recipes!

Do you prefer store bought or homemade vegan cheese? 🧀

Check out our blog Delicious Plants for more easy, healthy recipes and to download our free guide to making vegan pizza! 🍕

Check us out on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

Cheers guys and gals! 👋

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Um, yummmmm! I am all up in this hash tag 😍


The entries for this contest are making me so hungry already 😭

Excellent contest, I will participate with my favorite recipes.


Yummy - I want to make all of these entries for myself, they just look too good! ⭐️ Bring in your recipes, I would love to see! 🌱


Yummy 😱 what an amazing entry - thank you Lena! Good luck for the contest 💚

Resteemed! Sounds awesome! Will see if I can join too!;) I am definetly going to check it out!


Yes please @vegan.niinja! I cannot wait to see what you come up with 😆


Thank you for your awesome entry @skye1! ⭐️ Good luck for the #vegancheesechallenge! 🔥

Here comes my second entry to this amazing challenge! Looking forward to check out all the other delicious entries and wishing everyone good luck ♥



You are slaying this challenge gurl 🎉 thank you for another great entry! 😆


Aww thanks so much ♥

Ohhh yesss, I was waiting for this one! ♥ I'm happy to share my very favorite vegan cheese recipe with you: https://steemit.com/food/@isshappy/delicious-vegan-mozzarella-cheese-recipe-vegancheesechallenge


What a great entry into the competition @isshappy 😱 I cannot wait to give this a try, I have so many great odeas for this vegan cashew mozzarella 💚


I'm so happy you like my recipe! Have fun making it and don't forget to post some pictures, looking forward ♥


An oil free vegan cheese? 👏

Yes please, I’ll take them all 🙋🏼‍♂️

Thank you for a great entry @plantbasedmiri! 💚 good luck for the #vegancheesechallenge ⭐️


Aren't they so great? We didn't have any clue how fun these contests were going to be, and it's so awesome to see everyone submitting such great entries 🎉

YES!!! I made a vegan mac and cheese yesterday that I will post to this challange :) Resteeming this beast :)


Thank you for the support @nicoleslife! 💚 I have been dying for a great mac and cheese recipe so I cannot wait to see your entry 😆


It's coming ;)

Here's my entry, hopefully it shows up correctly. I'm still learning here at steemit. Link to my original steemit post below photo. #vegancheesechallenge20171216_130431.jpg


Thank you for this idea @deliciousplants, to share vegan recipes with cheese. I am happy to participate.



Yay! Let’s see what you come up with! I cannot wait 😆💚

I was making cheese when I saw this so I thought I would share it! ;) <3 https://steemit.com/vegan/@heart-to-heart/easy-af-vegan-cheese-spread