In The Land Of The Blind, The One-Eyed Man Is King

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I was riding on my bicycle yesterday for a quick fat burning ride, the weather was damp, as usual I'd forgotten my headphones, but I wasn't too bothered, as often I liked being with my own thoughts.
heres the ride for any one interested:

Screenshot-2018-4-12 Lunch Ride - see pic for real stats Ride Strava(1).png

Whilst I was riding, I have no idea why, but for some reason this quote popped into my head:

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

This made me think about, what this exactly means, then, after realising what it meant, I made my own interpretation of it whilst I was riding along.

In a world where many people have many problems, someone with fewer problems is better off.

I actually likened this is my head at the time to a man with one leg, vs a man with no legs.

A little while after, I was thinking about vegans, vegetarians and carnists (meat eaters) and I likened the vegetarian to being the one eyed man.
Of course I thought of the carnist's as the blind people, going around with their eyes closed to the attrocities going on in the world and still being brain washed into thinking we are actually carnivores. We do not have anything on our bodys that resemble as carnivore, we resemble more frugivore and herbivore.

The reason I made this connection was, despite vegetarians seeing and acknowledging that eating animal flesh will inevitabily cause the animal's death and suffering, they are turning a blind eye to the fact that the milk and egg industry are also causing suffering and death.
Often when someone becomes vegetarian, their dairy and egg consumption will increase to fill the void of the meat that they've removed, thus causing more suffering and death.

Whatever your beleifs, eating meat and any animal product is wrong, despite us growing up with the idea that it's perfectly acceptable, when it really isn't.

Imagine if we all grew up in a world where child molestation was right or normal, I'm perfectly sure there would be a group of people opposing it also, however they would be seen as "extreme" or "weird" or accused of "forcing their beleifs on others".

We had exactly the same problem with slavery in America in the 18th and 19th centurys, having a black slave, was also perfectly normal and black people were seen as less than human or even likened to animals.
Sadly in order to do something good, America ended up having a war against the slavery The American Cival War, in which over 1 million people died!

Centurys later America look back in shame at just what their ancestors did to the black people of that time and now look how far things have come, black people for the most part are an equal part in society, even rising to one of the most powerful positions in the world, The President of America!

I honestly think, if thats anything to go by, with "mock" and lab grown meat, dairy free options and even egg alternatives, I can see a naturally vegan future.
In 2018, there really isn't any need to do harm to any living being.
People can argue that their ancestors ate meat or hunted animals, but their ancestors also treated women badly, "owned" slaves and we now know that those things were wrong. We definetly don't NEED meat or animal products in our diet and can THRIVE without them!

I never made the transition from carnist to vegetarian, instead I went straight to vegan, which suits my extreme personality anyway. Vegetarians are quite a high population now, I wish they would open their other eye and see the pain and suffering they are causing by continuing to eat any animal product.
For more information on the DAIRY industry you can click here .
For more information on the EGG industry you can click here.

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I think we share similar views, but have a differing way of expressing it. But fair play for laying it all out there and not doing what some do and just keep quiet about their beliefs.

I wish I could say I went straight from eating meat to vegan. But for me it was a slower route. I cut out eggs and dairy straight away at home. But for some mental block I would consume milk and cheese occasionally in work.

Im now moved past that to just doing what feels right to me which is being completely plant based and don't let people's opinions matter.

It's funny how many people try to get you to rationalise what they see as extreme.

My own analogy is the novel 1984 and the whole 2 plus 2 is 5. And Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia. It Def brings home the absurd logic that you can make people believe anything is ok if enough people just blindly follow it's doctrine.

I've been to a few events like vegan life live and I can see change coming from those who just look around at the world we have created. But also justly from the shear unsustainable mass production system coming crashing down. Alternatives are coming and a large number of people will be scoffing down synthesised burgers etc soon enough. Whether they do so because they feel eating meat is wrong or simply because economics compel them to do so remains to be seen.

Good post though. I often find myself running off on these sorts of things in my head these days. Challenging what I do and how I feel about my actions and choices.


Yes I agree everyone has their own way of going vegan.

I hadn't written an article for a while and had all of this kind of building up haha, so thought I'd just spew it onto the blog haha.

Yes, change is definetly happening, you can see it by the day, the more celerities become vegan, the more "normal" it will be also, we just need the Kardashians to hop on the vegan lifestyle and no doubt all their followers will follower suit!


Haha yeah. Next stop two options on the menu in some places 😀.

Question, when working with your clients who have approached you seeing the results of your own transformation, I assume you advocate a vegan diet. But what's your approach on getting the message across?

I'm not a trainer but I lift a good amount for my size and weight and I often get people asking me about how I pack on muscle when they find out that I'm vegan/vegeterian before but little eggs or diary. Usually it's after the second or third time we have gone to watch some rugby and I haven't ordered the burger like everyone else 😀.