Veganism v/s Vegetarianism

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The literal meaning of vegetarianism is the plant-based diet, it means it does not involve any animal products. But with the passing of time vegetarianism has been interpreted in a different way and different animal products have been considered as a vegetarian diet. The widely accepted animal product is the milk in vegetarianism. Particularly in India, the country I live in has a big population of vegetarian people and almost all vegetarians are obsessed with milk and milk product.

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Nowadays this misleading campaign is also being done that the egg is now vegetarian like milk and vegetarian people are being trapped in protein myth and have become lenient and don't care if bakery and other readymade food contain eggs.

Actually, the problem with vegetarian people is that they don't have an answer that why they are vegetarian except a very common answer that it is a tradition. Vegetarianism does not reject the “use” of animals as human resources, thus goes against animal rights. Some advocate that it is acceptable to consume animal products that have been produced in a supposedly more “humane” way.

Here veganism is completely different, ethical veganism is based on opposition to speciesism, the assignment of value to individuals on the basis of species membership alone. Speciesism like racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, ageism, etc., is a form of discrimination, which involves inequity, unjust treatment and bullying of vulnerable sentient individuals.

The difference-
Vegans don't eat any animal products, while vegetarians don`t eat animals, but they eat products that come from them (such as dairy and eggs).
People typically choose a vegetarian diet because of health concerns, while veganism implies moral concern for animals.

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Not only for veganism we should also treat animals in a very nice way as some people become very wild towards animal...

When it comes to Europe and the US an opinion on this is that vegetarianism is a gateway to veganism. That some people are not fully ready to let go, but after some time (many years for some) of excluding meat from their diet, they will feel the same about dairy products-
It is a long and tough process for many people, and maybe as vegans we should be more understanding towards people that are not there yet.
Invite them over for dinner and make the most junky, cheesy (but vegan) meal if that is what they think they will miss and makes them hold back from experimenting with veganism.

I personally had a hard time believing that a lasagna or a curry could taste even better vegan - but now after many years of being vegan I know that I can inspire anyone if I just cook for them in stead of telling them how it tastes.

Thanks for this article and for promoting veganism! 🌱

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Hey i have been reading these great job.. i am vegan already but i am writing to know if there ia any vegan groups on steem?

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Nice post. I think often vegetarians do not understand how embedded the dairy and egg industry is in the meat industry. They really are one in the same, and therefore avoiding meat while still buying dairy products contributes to the suffering of animals. Not to mention the health issues with dairy and eggs!!