Jainism and veganism

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Jain is an ancient Indian religion. Jainism is based on ahimsa (non-violence). being non-violent is the highest religious duty. According to Jainism for human being violence against any creature is considered unnecessary.
The Concept of veganism came in the 20th century, the principle of veganism also based on non-violence and goal of veganism is to eliminate all unnecessary violence by human beings.
What Jainism had told thousands of years ago veganism is based on the same principle.
Here in the video @xyzashu has explained in a beautiful way about the relation between the principle of Jainism and veganism.
If you do not understand Hindi, there is a translation of the script provided in the description.

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Very nice blog, its fact that the non human/ animals also feel joy, fear and pain. Thanks for providing such a valuable blog.

Thank you for shooting the video & posting this here! Happy to resteem it. 😊

Absolutely right, our society should move towards this for a betterment.

Very useful information in this post.
thanks for share with us.