Setting up of a compassionate aquarium.

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Imprisonment of live fishes in a glass box without any their offence is named as aquarium by the human being. To justify the creation of the aquarium we have co-related so many conceptions with it. Like aquariums are good for education purposes, it brings fortunes according to Vastu or Feng Shui etc, etc.
As aquarium culture is propagated so much, there is an industry developed around it to fulfil the demand of live fishes and aquarium accessories. In the industry live fishes are considered as a commodity and treated like that. Any industry runs for profit and even if there are so many innocent lives are involved in the business there basics rights are ignored for the profitable trade.
There is a lot of cruelty involved in live fishes' trade from their birth to reaching in the aquarium at our home/office. Knowingly or unknowingly we always try to hide cruelty behind "We take good care of our fishes" but even this "good take care" never makes possible to give them their natural environment and their whole life become miserable and painful in an artificially maintained small glass container.
The concepts behind the aquarium setup like education never solved as it is impossible to learn something about fishes who are living in a customised environment and concept of Vastu/Feng Shui also has no scientific proof that it helps to bring the fortune. The only purpose the aquarium can solve is just a decoration item. For decoration purpose, I don't see any reason to torture any living being.
To make an aquarium a more beautiful showpiece we have created a concept of a virtual aquarium using an artificial replica of live fishes under our campaign "जल परी, क्यों धरी?" (Why you have captured the angle of water?)

In my previous post I mention that we have approached a restaurant owner to setup an artificial aquarium, yeaterday we installed that. This concept of setting up is not at all popular so fishes are not available in the local market and also not much variety of these silicon fishes are available.
We sourced this fishes from Amazon and Aliexpress



replacement of aquarium 1.jpg

The virtual or compassionate aquarium is a perfect replacement of live fish aquarium as it gives us a guilt-free and peaceful life with excellent showpiece for our home and offices.

  • Have you ever seen any artificial fish aquarium?
  • Would you like to set up such a compassionate aquarium at your home or office?

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The artificial aquarium installed by you looks more beautiful than live aquarium. I can see the difference in your aquarium pics.
Amazing view. Looks natural.
I think this artificial aquarium not get dirty too fast compare to live aquarium. because live fishes make water and aquarium dirty after sometime and needs water replacement. The artificial aquarium not required water replacement too fast.

Artificial Aquarium Looks Bright, Beautiful and Charming.

It's look like a real aquarium ..

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