Pistachio Crusted Grilled Tofu On Garlic Mash And Maple Balsmic Reduction

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I was led to the grill once more, as the oven which is not mine has a broken bottom element. Enough sob stories. No wait just one more. I wanted to grill tempeh but apparently the city has run out, or at least all of the grocers in the neighborhood. I substituted with good old vegan staple, medium firm tofu. Okay moving right along.

The tofu was marinated with water oil, tamari, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and lemon. After a couple of hours it was added to the grill along with some beets that were partially boiled in vegetable broth.

I had also made mashed potatoes which were boiled in vegetable broth, so I grilled some garlic to mash into them.


While the tofu was grilling, I made a sauce by reducing balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, cane sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest, onion powder, garlic powder, chopped dill and tamari. Some was brushed on the tofu and the rest was on reserve.


When the tofu was grilled some sauce was brushed on the top and it was coated with chopped pistachios.


It was then placed quickly under the broiler, which is all that works in this oven, and browned.


The carrots and asparagus were lightly steamed. And the rest of the maple reduction was poured over top. I know some people are afraid of the blandness of tofu, but the key is to marinate and in this case the toasted pistachios in combination with the sweet tart sauce, gave it all the excitement tofu needs. I chose mash potatoes so the sauce could be nicely scooped up.




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Se ve delicioso, que lastima que aqui en Venezuela creo que no existe ningún lugar donde comprar tofu, pero voy a probar el ajo asado para el puré, yo se lo agregaba crudo y creo que asi le dará un sabor diferente como mas ahumado..

Si eres de Caracas en los Chinos del Bosque venden tofu :)

Sé que cuando estuve en México durante seis meses, quería tofu. Encontré solo un tipo que es suave. Estaba frustrado.

Bueno aqui en venezuela no he visto ese ingrediente, hay unas tiendas con muchas cosas naturales y cero gluten pero eso no lo he visto...

amazing one dear, this looks really tasty.

Thank you my friend hope you are having a great day!

As delicious as ever. Marinate Tofu was an excellent idea !. It can be marinated with herbs such as rosemary and oregano and olive oil.

Thank you! Yes I love those herbs and some are growing nicely here right now.

Looks delicious! I love the presentation! :)

Oh thank you @maruharraca I really appreciate that comment!

Oh my goodness, this is absolutely divine.............my kind of food Carolyn 🌸💖🌸

So kind of you thank you so much!

It looks wonderful!

Thanks so much @proanima!

Good presentation. Very yummy!! :D

I appreciate that thank you!

Feel free to ship the oven over to me... Would be very handy. Beautiful grilled mark!! Very exciting flavours, look like no sabotage this time :)

I'm sure you don't need to have a shipment of anything when you make your own perfect stuff. But thanks it was tasty. There was an attempt at sabotage. As soon as I made a maple balsamic reduction she complained and started choking so I finished it off in an aluminum baking tray on the barbecue. Not fun. Then they came outside to sit by the table where I was working so it always makes me nervous and I have to rush. Not fun.

We finally got it done but had to clean so she doesn't get edgy. When we ate this (our breakfast) it was late afternoon and it was cold. It was still good though. I have to get a job and get out...of the country.

Yes, you really need you own kitchen at this point! It would like heaven for you :)

It will always be a dream but it is my own fault. I live on the edge.

Look at it though the bright side, at least if now you got your own kitchen you would really appreciate it and love it cause you know how it feels to work in a kitchen full of sabotage:)