Jackfruit Empanadas

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I can't believe after so many years since I left Thailand at the age of four, that I finally had jackfruit. It seems that it's become all the rage in vegan cuisine. Jackfruit pulled pork sandwiches being the top on the list of how to use jackfruit for a meat substitute.

When we spent six months in Mexico, I was surprised to see fresh jackfruit there, thinking that it was an Asian fruit only. I was intrigued by the smell which was familiar to me as if no time had passed since I was a small child. I did not purchase it though, thinking that it was too luxurious of a purchase with our limited budget. Then we moved to an apartment in the hills of Acapulco where in the back of the property were coconut trees, banana trees and also a jackfruit tree that had two large jackfruit on it but I couldn't have because they belonged to the owner.

I admired them all the same. They are so large and take so long to grow. They wear a suit of armor so impressive as though they intelligently designed their own outfit. Inside they have such little flesh compared to their size.


Yesterday I found canned jackfruit and realized I had seen this can before so I could have been using it all along. Of course there is fresh jackfruit and frozen jackfruit but I have never wanted to spend the money that it would require to purchase this in Canada. I have decided though, that soon I will purchase jackfruit that has been frozen to see if it has more flavor that the can that I bought, which did not have any flavor or aroma. However I see why it is used as a meat substitute. It's texture is quite durable and it absorbs flavors that are added to it.


I decided to make empanadas since I had some precooked corn flour left. I have never made them before.



I mixed it with hot water, that I added a veggie boullion cube to, for extra flavor.


I added the flour mixing it to get a consistency that would allow me to roll the dough but not be too dry that it would crack.


For the filling I chopped green onion, red pepper, jalapeno pepper, and garlic to saute with the jackfruit.


I also added a spice mixture of paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, thyme, cumin, coriander and turmeric, and some tomato paste.


I was amazed at the texture and how it really took on all of the flavors. I have to say it was much like chicken even though I certainly never want to eat chicken again. I was quite impressed and look forward to experimenting with it some more.


I know that most people fry empanadas in deep fry oil but I only did it in a little oil in a frying pan for a few seconds then put them in the oven for about twenty minutes.


I made an avocado cream to go with it. It was made with avocado, garlic, lime juice, cider vinegar, salt, and a little olive oil.


I really wouldn't have known that I was eating jackfruit if someone served this to me and didn't tell me.



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I absolutely love what you’ve done with this and how you’ve utilised the jackfruit in such a original way. I’ve never personally cooked with but I’ve heard so many things about it. My husband is from Mauritius and they used to have a jackfruit tree in their backyard. They would normally use it in a curry and that instance they won’t use the ripe ones but the ones that are half half. Just told my husband about it and he asked me how did you manage it the gluey part between the skin and the flesh of he jackfruit?

Haha tell your husband that it was canned. I am looking forward to the day when I can cut open fresh one. Thanks for the curry idea. There is so much to learn.
Thank you @foodforsoul!

I'm not vegan, but that looks excellent. From just the pictures I would have thought it was meat, probably a pulled pork or shredded beef. I would suspect that the fresh version would be much better. If you are anything like me those smells from childhood, can make even the most simple meal amazing just by the rush of the memories.
Have a blessed day, and go splurge sometime and go get a little of the fresh fruit, just to savor that memory...

I really intend to spurge and get a fresher version which I think is frozen but I am anxious to have that taste again and go down memory lane.
Thanks for your kind words!

Being vegan you may not appreciate it, but mine is homemade biskets and bacon. It reminds me of my great grandmother's house and walking in just about any time of day and grabbing one and heading back out to play. She would make them every morning a leave them there for us all day long, she always made a lot extra knowing we would run by at some point.

Oh I just love those memories. I have so many of them myself but they all involve things I don't consume anymore which is why I try to create vegan versions.

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Thank you very very much. I really appreciate it!

Very cool! I have heard about jackfruit and I have been wanting to get a tree for down in Colombia. Very cool using it for a meat substitute, are you a vegan for health reasons?

Lovin' all the veggies!

So nice of you to say. I am vegan for every reason. I feel much better on every level and I have been forced to discover the uses of different edibles.

Thanks for your comment!!

That is very great to hear! We each must get in tuned to our bodies and hear what they are telling us. That you feel better is a good sign that you are on the right track!

Be Blessed!

Wow, looks soo good ! And the jack fruit looks so meaty! 😲

Thanks it really has a meaty texture.

I love jackfruit as well, have discovered only a while ago, and this week I made some summer rolls with canned jackfruit, it was so so good!! Have never tried the fresh one though, and I cant imagine that smell!;)

Hello dear. I really am a beginner in the jackfruit world but I am really intrigued. It just is so expensive and I understand why. They don't grow like apples. I am going to get the frozen one next. The canned one I got had no taste or smell haha.

Haha yes luckily they dont smell much when they are canned;) Lol!

I have seen jackfruit here at the fresh market. It is expensive and because I know nothing about it I was nervous to buy it thinking maybe it wasn't good...I have heard it is great to use as it takes on flavors you add....perhaps I'll try, these look so tasty, love the nice spice too ;)

The fresh market? Wow lucky. I know it cost a fortune but it takes so long to grow and there's hardly any flesh in each fruit. I'm sure you could come up with some interesting things with it. I am going to look for more but I got the only can that was in the store around here haha. I'm going to have to go to China town.

I was quite amazed, hey had a whole one and it was huge, like a big water mellon. Kind of scary looking. How long do they take to ripen? I know coconuts take a year which is crazy. They had slices if you wanted but each slice was about $9. Is that normal? I would try it...:)

Even in Mexico we couldn't afford it. There was a tree in the back yard and after three months the fruit looked the same in size.

M-m-m! that looks delicious and I love your presentation. This got me thinking about different ways of using the jackfruit instead of chicken. the stuffed chicken breasts come to mind with cashew cheese. Thanks fro sharing this, now I have to get something to eat for it's making me hungry!

Oh thank you. It really is an interesting fruit. I hope you get to experiment with it. Your idea sounds amazing!

My friend how are you? your empanadas look fantastic and you did not use much oil and that's good because the frying does damage, in venezuela the empanadas are made in a lot of oil

It is a pleasure to see that you have bread flour that make it in my country, it seems a lie that out of Venezuela they get it easily and where and here is where the factory has to make long queues for hours to buy it, at home has had to pay very high price to obtain some and be able to make our arepas

Oh hello my friend. I really wish you could have this flour as easily as we can. I have it in many stores here. I think this company is now making it in the USA which is why we are getting it in Canada. I hope your country will see the end of the shortages soon. I will keep good thoughts of it.

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I do love jackfruit. I can only get the canned or dried one here but it's still great for pulled jackfruit! I've never had empanadas and your recipe looks so good! I will give it a try! 😊

Thank you @delishtreats. I am looking forward to trying some more things with it. It's very interesting to cook with.

Woow where did you find that cornmeal? For many years now, you have not seen this here in my country. The company that manufactures this corn flour is here in Venezuela where we make the arepas

You have gold in your hands and very good empanada are my favorites

I can't understand why you can't get this flour there in Venezuela. I thought that you and your mother told me about this and that you were using it. I feel so lucky to have gold in my hands. It's everywhere in all of the stores here. You can buy it on line but you probably have something else similar.

So we say here when they have a flour in their hands, oh well I have seen as in other countries is without problems

Here comes little there is little production due to problems and when it comes you have to queue for it or pay for a very high price

I am so sorry to hear this. I pray that things get better for you in your country.

A lot of people have told me about this unique fruit, but so far I have not been tempted to try it, it's probably the best time :)

Your dish is like a magical poetry, which was made of tasty ingredients :)


It is my first time trying it and I am more interested now than ever to try it again.
Thank you for the lovely compliment!

You give me fruitful motivation :) Thank you