Quick Way For Dessert: Vegan Crepes From Two Ingredients + HOME-MADE NUTELLA🥞🍫🌱 [VEGAN SUGAR-FREE]

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Hello everyone!
Another Great day and another great recipe for you!(I hope so) If it's not a great day for you let me try to make it better with a recipe that you can prepare to focus your mind on something😉 And if it's already great then let me try making it even better! ❤️This time we will do something fast and easy, basically... Crepes with homemade Nutella! Yay ❤️I love making sweets that are healthy because it's like a double reward, you eat something that tastes great and then in your mind you know it doesn't contain any additives that are harmful for your body 😊 I also love the fact that you only need two ingredients for crepes! So as you see this recipe can really make your day better! It's sweet, easy, cheap and fast :3 Like an ultimate smile recipe hihi 😊

For preparing you will need:
for crepes

  • two teacups of buckwheat flour
  • three and a half cup of rice milk (or any plant-based milk)

for home-made Nutella

  • 100g of dates(soaked in hot water through 15 minutes
  • 150g of hazelnuts
  • 1/3 cup of rice milk (or more if you wish)
  • two tbsp of cocoa powder
  • a bit of vanilla flavor
  • A BIT of salt


first we gonna make our Nutella

  • place hazelnuts on a baking tray with baking paper
  • roast them in the oven at 180°C through 8-10 minutes
  • by hands remove the skin from nuts
  • place nuts and the rest of ingredients in blender
  • blend for smooth cream
  • if you want more runny texture, feel free to add more milk! :)


  • in bowl mix flour and rice milk
  • whisk, till ingredients will combine (the texture should be not to dense and not to runny, just perfect :)
  • on hot pan pour the mass (cover whole pan by the mass, it can't be too thick)
  • fry on both side till gold color
  • spread the Nutella cream on crepe
  • fold it in half, add some blueberries, pomegranate seeds. I also added melted chocolate on top, yeah that was good choice! 🤩

    You know what is great? You can use this Nutella in what ever you want! For me, it's best directly from the jar hahah! 😅 But feel free to use it as a top of cake, or something. It's even amazing with bananas! In my opinion, It's also fantastic with crepes, yum yum! 🤤 I love to inspire people to make crazy recipes, prepare food in a good way, send positive vibe and moremoremore! Your feedback is so valuable for me, so don't forget to leave comment below what you think! Thank you so much for reading and until next time! 💕


wow looks like very good :) good job :)

Thank you! :)

o that's loook delicious and spicy

Yeah, these crepes were sooo delicious! :)

Wow! Looks great and am sure will taste great. Am a foodie (one that likes food a lot), so looking forward for more of your cooking lessons.

Thanks for sharing @babettxx

Thanks a lot! Nice to see more new faces here hihi! 😊 And yeah, it was so delicious! 🤤

In that case am going to try out the cooking myself to see what I'll come up with. Looking forward to more of your cooking lessons. Good luck dear!

Thank you! You'll see that super easy to come up something! 💕

On it right now. So far so nice~hehe.

It’s a great recipe with two ingredients!!! Wow! It looks amazing, it’s very good for the vegans , even am not vegan, but I like the vegan food.

I love recipes, which has a really short list of ingredients. And these crepes are on top of this list! I think, that everybody would probably like it, vegan food is so tasty and colorful! 😋

Hhmmm, I think you've made me want to cook a special Sunday breakfast tomorrow. ;) I've never made crepes, but I might be game to do some buckwheat pancakes!

Oh in Poland we make them really often :D You'll see that you will like them! And make them for breakfast with family is a great idea! 🤩

I had no idea crepes could be made with only two ingredients. I’ll have to try this recipe very soon. It looks delicious and am always looking for new plant based recipes. Thanks for sharing ✌️

Yeah, this is possible! cool! Looking forward for your work, thank you so much! 💕

I'll have to try these, I've been on the lookout for some vegan crepes. :)

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