DRK , a Leading Cross Chain DEX and DeFi Ecosystem

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About DRK Ecosystem

DRK is a blockchain Ecosystem offering wide range of Decentralized Financial services. Several blockchain projects has been developed in which their goal is to modify the existing system and offering a more scalable , secured and efficient network for the users . DRK Chain falls in the category of one among the best blockchain network in Crypto space. It is a modification of the existing blockchain network . Ethereum still remain the most widely used blockchain network for Startup projects and DeFI. Despite the lags associated with this network , its still the most widely used. DRK Chain has emerged with an efficient , secured and highly scalable network that solves the problems associated to the existing blockchain networks.

DRK Chain implements Proof of Honor (PoH) Consensus Algorithm to solve problems and remove the problems of high transaction charges, low speed and low scalability .
DRK Chain is an open blockchain system which gives rooms for anyone to utilize them . It is a powerful blockchain infrastructures developed for the masses. Businesses , Developers , organizations can implements DRK Chain for their various businesses. Speed wise, DRK chain is very fast , it executers over 2000 transaction per second .Holders of DRK token can stake their tokens on DRK smart contract wallet and earn dividends based on the amount of token Staked.
As mentioned earlier , Developers, businesses can build their DApps ands businesses on DRK Chain . Just as Ethereum network allows creation of ERC20 Token , DRK Chain also allows users to create and issue DRK-99 token for fund raising . Asset tokenization and more .

The scope of Draken is not limited to offering Public blockchain infrastructures . It goes beyond that , the company offers varieties of DeFi products and services for the masses. In this Article, i will be enlightening the Public about DRK blockchain DeFi ecosystem . There are lots of services offered in the platform . The first among is DRK DEX which is the world first Cross Chain Decentralized Exchange. Details about DRK DEX shall be explained in the following paragraph.


The limitation on DEXes has now turned to a thing of past . DRK DEX has broken the limitation of trading single chain currency on DEXes . Mostly the existing DEXes are limited to Single chaint trading system. Examples are Poloniex DEX , IDEX and EOS DEX and many of them . DRK DEX has changed the entire narratives .DRK is offering a multi chain trading system where traders will be able to trade varieties of cryptocurrencies of different blockchain . DRK DEX is powered on DRK Chain , this allows the exchange users to benefit from the high transaction processing speed and low transaction charges associated to the underlying blockchain .Ethereum users have been experiencing problems of delayed transaction speed and high transaction charges on the network . The competition created by DRK Chain will bolster qualitative blockchain services in Crypto ecosystem . DRK CHAIN, DEX has been developed to ease the burden of crypto users , traders and the enthusiast .

Another Amazing product offered by DRK platform is its Gaming platform

DRK Gaming ecosystem: The gaming ecosystem is live and working . Interested gamers willing to play games in a transparent and secured gaming ecosystem can make DRK gaming hub as the right choice. DRK Entertainment platform is Powered by blockchain smart contract . This simply means the entire gaming platform is Decentralized and transparent . The winning selection and payment of winning is conducted by the platform smart contract. It is a transparent Gaming platform designed for all . DRK gaming platform is a Win for ALL platform . Varieties of Games are available on the platform for users. DRK has designed the gaming platform in a way that no one suffer losses . The more games play on the platform the more you mine the platform token . If you lose while playing game , you still have something left . Dont forget your gaming activities is more or less like mining . on the platform .

DRK DeFi Ecosystem

DRK has wide range of DeFi products integrated on its platform . i will list majority of them and explain few of them in this article. Among the DeFi products offered by DRK includes : DRK Compound , DRK insurance, P2P lending Platform , Loans , DRK Cross Swap ,DRK launchpad and more ..DRK will develop an highly sophisticated and scalable DeFi DApp which where users all over the world will be able to access verities of Decentralized Finance products available in the platform . The above enumerated DeFi products will be provided through the DApps and every one will be able to take part in the platform and earning profits based on their respective area of investment .


DRK technology will bolster sustainability in the DeFi ecosystem .Most of the existing DeFi DApps have some certain limitations that is preventing the platform growth . DApps that is filled with bugs , a badly written smart contracts are the barriers faced by some DeFi ecosystem. DRK platform has emerged to remove all these loopholes by offering a powerful and highly scalable DeFi Dapps that will serve the best interest of the users. #DRK #Defi #DEX #DrakenDEX #Crypto #exchange

DRK Official Resources
Official Website: https://draken.tech/
Whitepaper: http://bit.ly/DRKpaper
Telegram : https://t.me/Drakentech
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DRKDEX
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DRKDeFi
Medium : https://medium.com/@DRKDeFi

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BTT profile link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2863549
TRX Wallet : TX8MZgddBMwRvy2UsLN2EUwpBsHg36voJu
DRK Address: 0xd8C36498954516a4E8E5DaC4a8970004af56C0Ca