Dream Vatican City

in #vatican5 years ago

Vatican City - From my childhood to my country of curiosity. I was shocked to think of how hidden hidden stories that have been hidden for thousands of years in an unknown way. So, there is no reason why we can not get there. Seeing the wall from a distance, I went for thousands of years. A huge line inside the entrance gate, it will be lost for a long time if you stand on this line for the ticket. So my groom had already cut the ticket online before. There is still a checking line, so it takes a little while to enter.

In the tropical area on the Vatican hill of north-west Rome, the Vatican city is located just west of Tiber River. Apart from the Piazza San Pietro or Saint Peter Square in the southwest, the Vatican city is separated from Rome city with walls built during the medieval and Renaissance. To me, Vatican City is a world of distant walls, where half the property of the Catholic Church remains within the age of the ages. Rare painting, books, sculpture, expensive jewelery is not there?

And the Vatican bank has the necessary documents in all the world's churches. What a powerful country! And here's the world's most reserved archive. There is a need for permission to enter. This is not public. Thousands of old documents, books, unpublished Bible, Leonardo di Vinci's handwriting diary, Galileo's book - what's missing in this archive!

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