The Vatican exposed Satanic Pope Sexual crimes

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I am Catholic myself so this is not easy for me but I feel it is necessary. I have extensive ties to the Catholic Church and may be condemned by my own family and friends but children are a gift from God and NOONE should be exempt from persecution when it comes to this satanic, vile, unforgivable acts, and the breech in trust.

I have a cousin that is a Priest an aunt that is a Nun, I taught at a Catholic school, Worked as a ER RN at a Catholic hospital, my daughter went to Catholic school until my sons were born. I have friends that are Priests and many friends whose children still attend Catholic school. This is completely unacceptable and turning a blind eye to this has only allowed it to become more prevalent and seemingly not very serious to the Pope.

The Vatican is not a house of God, it is a house of horrors, a country governed by its own. The massive coverups, satanic worship, occultist practices that go on there was completely shocking to me. Maybe some of you are thinking to yourself, “ I have know this my entire life”, well I have not. I do however feel that the Catholic Church’s in America are quit different than what goes on at the Vatican especially in my area. This however is not true in all parts of America. It saddens me that we trust those that we feel are men of faith, men of God and so many have betrayed that trust with our most precious gifts.

I am not the ultimate judge for their soul they will need to take that up when their time on Earth is done. Until that time these occult rituals, scarifies, sexual deviant behavior, and the blatantly obvious satanic symbols throughout the Vatican need to be exposed.

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This video is a walk through of the Vatican very shocking and quite disturbing Credits to James Munder and Round Saturns Eye it has been highly censored. Why? Well the answer is obvious once you view it.

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With these being an eye opener for you and basically your entire family being a catholic, have you consulted the closest to you which are your family and catholics about your discovery?
What is there views?
Oh yes credit to James Munder, is he a Catholic as well?
The catholic uses symbols and there are explanations behind them but you could be right and the entire catholic could be "occult" but I will suggest you get your facts right religions are very sensitive issues