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Vastbit is not a trading platform. Vastbit is a stable resource for providing services, in terms of such services:

  1. Service Lift

How does it work:

The Lift service is one of the services offered by the VastVit platform. This mechanism is a multifunctional algorithm that allows the user to simultaneously perform an operation for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin crypto currency. The obligations of Bitcoin Holdin Ltd partners include "financing operations performed on the platform located at, through the transfer of funds - the buyer / seller, based on the request for a warrant for the sale / purchase of the Bitcoin crypto currency." This partnership allows you to place an order with Bitcoin digital currency on the Lift site within a few minutes and to finance the transaction within 2 to 3 hours, through the country's financial institution where the VastVit platform conducts the transaction. After that, Bitcoin instantly enters the Lift purse in the User's account.

The user makes a choice and fixes the quotes of the transaction himself, enters the Bitcoin amount not exceeding his working Deposit, confirms the action by a single order of selling / buying Bitpoin crypto currency.

The Lift service provides the opportunity, without risks, to fix the positions of profitable quotations, which are checked by the mechanism on% of the yield of the transaction and the calculation of the User's income from the transaction in the financial order is provided.

A deal that is not profitable is unacceptable and will be blocked by the Lift system.

Working Deposit - a mechanism for working with the Lift service. After signing the contract Privat or Sponsor (with the description of work under contracts you can find on the main page in the section "Contracts"), Working Deposit works in the process of making a transaction for the sale / purchase of the Bitcoin crypto currency.

The profitability of the Lift service, with a minimum Working Deposit from 0.002 bitcoin per day, with a maximum Working Deposit from 0.28 Bitcoin per day. Bitcoin received as a result of the committed transactions in the service Lift is charged to the accumulative purse "Lift". The output is available at least 0.01 Bitcoin.

  • Interest accruals:

The user of the platform VastVit, registered under the contract Privat or Sponsor in the service Lift, automatically uses the service "Interest charges". Accrual of 0.2% on the balance of income obtained as a result of transactions in the service Lift, are made once a day at 00-00 hours. This income is accrued in the accrued purse "Interest". The output is available at least 0.005 bitcoin.

  1. Service Kran

The Kran service is three auxiliary sites that are embedded in the VastVit system for advertising services and generation of passive income for the User. As a result of placing the eternal links of advertisers on the platform VastVit, the User is provided with the service of collecting digital shares of Bitcoin from 100 to 100000 Satosh:

  • Kran 1 the ability to collect every 60 minutes.

  • Kran 2 the ability to collect every 120 minutes.

  • Kran 3 the ability to collect every 180 minutes.

The user goes to the Kran advertising service on the VastVit website, clicks on the "Get Bit" button and instantly transfers to the Kran wallet located in the user's personal account. The withdrawal of funds from the Kran purse is possible in the amount of at least 0.005 Bitcoin.

  1. Service Synchronizer - is the generation of individual parts of the algorithm by building a hash of digital values - the service is designed to earn additional satosh. Having formed a certain block of values, the User Vstbit can receive from 50 satosh for one transaction.

Individual transactions are combined together with other transactions into a special structure - a block. Each block always contains its sequence number and hash of the previous block. All blocks can be aligned in a single chain, which contains information about all the operations that have ever been carried out with bitkoy. The first transaction in the block is always automatically generated and sends a reward for the creation of the block. The rest of the block is taken from the transaction queue, which has not yet been written to the previous blocks.

The system contains 5 block levels that accumulate in this mode:

1 block - 0т 1 to 10,000 numerical values - 100 satosh for each introduced part of the algorithm.

2 block - from 10000 to 25000 digital values - 150 satosh for each introduced part of the algorithm.

3 block - from 25000 to 50000 digital values - 200 satosh for each introduced part of the algorithm.

4 block - 0т 50000 to 75000 digital values - 250 satosh for each introduced part of the algorithm.

5 block - 0т 75000 to 100000 digital values - 300 satosh for each introduced part of the algorithm.

Each block is cumulative, the block memory contains the whole history of generation of digital values.

  1. Service MicroLift.

The Micro Lift service is a mechanism that is designed to provide services to the User in the formation of trading orders and execution of transactions on a warrant between financial companies that specialize in working with bitcoin and offer BTS volumes for sale / purchase. In the service it is possible to make up to 24 transactions per day and provide an opportunity without risks to fix positions of profitable quotations, which are checked by the mechanism on% of the yield of the transaction. In the financial order, the calculation of the income of the User, which is accrued after the completion of the operation, is provided. A transaction that is illiquid is not allowed and will be blocked by the system.

The user, at the time of signing the contract, Privat can choose which of the Lift services the Lift and Micro Lift will operate or operate in two services at the same time.

Working Deposit is a financial tool for working in the Lift service. After signing the contract Privat, Working Deposit works in the process of making a transaction for the sale / purchase of the bitcoin crypto currency. After the transaction is completed, in total with the generated income, returns to the "Contract" purse in the personal account of the User account. The minimum financial instrument under the contract Micro-Lift from 0.015 bitcoin.

The service purse is cumulative. This means that after the transaction is completed, the profit is added to the main account and you can continue working with the increased amount of the instrument for buying / selling.

The output / add-on function in the service will be available after 36 transactions in the context of three functions:

  • output balance of the entire Micro-Lift wallet;

  • continuation of the Micro-Lift Contract;

  • the addition of the Micro-Lift Contract.

  1. Reactor

Reactor is an algorithm that is designed to provide services for the automatic generation of parts of transactional hash combinations. The service includes tens of thousands of pools, the concept of the work is focused on picking out from millions of hash combinations, suitable for all new transactions and a secret key, which will provide an income of 2% for the current day with the closing of the hash of the block from 4700 Gh / S. All bitcoin-transfers are written to the public transaction log, which ensures the operation of the p2p-network. The sums of the hashes of the transactions of a random number change so that the final hash satisfies the conditions of the system. It is the change in these conditions that determines the complexity of the hash location, they change once in 2016 closed blocks and are automatically selected so that the calculation of each subsequent block takes up to 1 day. The Reactor service is designed for both automatic and stand-alone modes, the user can alternate the mode of hash selection. The cost-effective part of the transaction algorithm can range from 36% (automatic) from 62% (manual), depending on the selected control mode.

The minimum size of the tool for running the algorithm 0.05 BTС, the duration of the contract Reactor is 10 days.When the user starts the Reactor service mechanism, the first combination of hashes is generated, on which the revenue part of the combination formation algorithm depends, the first combination is in constant motion, as the main enumeration algorithm. To the first combination, every 40,50,60,70,80,90 minutes are attached new parts of the algorithm's transactions, the range of transactions is infinite, the settlement mechanism is designed to constantly increase the volume and generate the revenue side of the service, by constantly increasing new hash transactions. The time threshold for the formation of each new part depends on the number of calculated combinations in the queue of each pool. After expiration of the Reactor contract, the User has the right: to withdraw the instrument and terminate the contract, to prolong the contract for the same term and on the same terms, to supplement the instrument and sign a new contract.

The service has three settlement wallets:

  1. Wallet "Contract" - a wallet for storing a working instrument, the output is available 10 days after the signing of the Reactor contract.

  2. Wallet "Accumulative" - the wallet of accumulation of income generated as a result of the formation of transaction combinations, the minimum amount for the withdrawal of 0.005 BTС.

  3. Wallet "Referral" - a wallet for charging% on the amount of income of users registered for your referral key under the Reactor contract, the minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.005 BTС.

The user of the Vastbit platform can sign up for all site services at the same time, signing such contracts: Privat contract, Micro-Lift contract and Reactor contract. Thus, laconically, with a stable liquidity to increase its income, independently dispose of the finans.

  1. Service Auction

This service represents the opportunity to purchase goods from the manufacturing companies at the price of the contract, ie below the market by 30-40%, the price includes the tax specified in the customs declaration and delivery services. The quantity of goods is limited. The catalog of goods is presented on the site, when the lot appears at the auction the window becomes active and the User can take part in the Auction and place an order. Payment is accepted only in Bitcoin, the transfer commission is practically non-existent, the transaction is made instantly, the lot is ordered for receipt within 10 working days after payment. Registered users who work under the Privat contract and use all offered services of the Vastbit platform can participate in the auction.

  1. Bitcard

The Vastbit platform enables users to order Bitcoin debit cards for convenient withdrawal and storage of funds. To order a card issue, you need to go to BitKarta's Vastbit service and place an order, the card does not require any identification of the data. Plastic payment Bitcoin card will work in one of the payment systems: Visa or MasterCard. The card account is opened in several fiat currencies (dollar, hryvnia, ruble, euro) and crypto currency. The account is open in both crypto currency and in currency - it gives users the possibility of automatic exchange within the system at the current internal rate. The card is tied to the bitcoin address that is open in the Vastbit service and the User has the ability to make payments and other transactions very quickly. The receipt of the card costs 0.15 BTC, the daily limits for withdrawal at the ATM are $ 800, the commission for servicing the ATM is $ 0.25, the free conversion of Bitcoin into Fiat, there are no limits on paying for online purchases. Delivery of a debit card Bitcoin is possible around the world, delivery in Europe in just 10 working days.

All Vastbit services work according to the rules and conditions described on the site. The User's work is conducted only under the Contract. Privacy policy applies to all registered Users. Vastbit is the guarantor of Bitcoin exchange between the User and the Trader on the site. Registration and acceptance of the terms of the Sponsor contract enable the User to use the Free Package service and earn on all services of the site without using any investments to use Bitcoin Sponsor to earn money on transactions in merchant.

To be the first in ideas and the best in what we do - this is philosophy creating a multifunctional platform Vastbit. Our strengths are honesty, accessibility, minimalism of employment, extended opportunities for our Users.


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