"Do You Even Vape Bruh?"

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The vaping craze within the college town of Boulder, Co is no joke. All of my friends have some sort of vaping device. Every party that I go to there's at least 15 people with some sort of high-tech vaping device in their hand. As I'm walking to campus or walking to a bar on Pearl St (the local go-to for nightlife here in Boulder), I tend to see at least one person walking as a thick white cloud disperses around them as they puff on their nicotine suppliers.

The craze is real, and I've given into the hype of smoking nicotine.

Now before the flood gates of comments coming rolling in saying "you naive little shit" or whatever you think of my lifestyle choices. I want to explain to you very clearly that I realize that we dont know the full spectrum of what type of harm these devices might be doing to our bodies. Regardless I've found that it's improved the overall quality of my day to day life and regardless of the possible risks I've chosen this path for myself. Every person has a right to do whatever the hell they want, regardless of your opinion on the matter.

That being said...

Now if you came here to read why vaping is bad for you or why Juuls are the best vape to smoke in school and the most well concealed to hide from parents, you're in the wrong place. You're more than welcome to read those insightful articles though if you're interesting in hearing the full spectrum of the debate.

I have a Juul and a SMOK Stick v8 mod and I love them equally

The romanticized era of the leather jacket, slicked back hair, cigarette-puffing teen is no longer all the rage. In its place is a new age: the dawn of the lulu lemon-wearing, JUUL-ripping, student with a healthy green juice in hand is now the trendy look. It's a bit ironic how we live in an era of wellness and eating organic foods while also owning a portable mini nicotine supplier is also all the rage.

Vaping devices, which typically vaporize substances such as e-juice into smoke, are perceived by some experts as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes because they do not include carcinogens that come with burning tobacco. One of the main reasons why I'm pro-vaping is because there are tons of flavor options and nicotine options that you can chose from. I like that I have the option to get juice with zero nicotine as well if I just want to smoke without it. I have a mod that I use with zero nicotine e-juice and a juul that has pre-filled e-juice pods with nicotine.

If you have a choice between cigarettes or vapes, vaping is the better option

Public health experts believe that people smoke for the nicotine high they receive, but die from the tar in regular cigarettes. The main reason why e-cigarettes/vapes have been disputed is because they take the deadly tar out of the equation while offering the nicotine fix and the sensation of smoking cigarettes. It's hard to deny the obvious facts that vaping is far less harmful than smoking a traditional cigarette.


Many of these exerts claim that people smoke cigarettes for the nicotine but die from the tar. And the reason vapes and other e-cigarettes devices have caused such controversy is that they take the deadly tar out of the equation while offering the nicotine fix and the sensation of smoking.

Some skeptics have also raised concerns about nicotine addiction. But many researchers say that the nicotine by itself is not a serious health hazard. Nicotine-replacement therapies like lozenges and patches have been used for years. Some even argue that nicotine is a lot like caffeine: an addictive substance that stimulates the mind. Some studies have estimated that e-cigarettes confer at least a two-thirds reduction in health risks, compared with smoking.

Overall, I have found that vaping has reduced my anxiety levels and when paired with a cup of chai tea I am more focused and productive when getting work done.


cigarette chart

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Vaping helped me get off cigarettes, and now that I'm down to 0mg, I'll probably get off the vape soon too. Honestly, I will take whatever minor health issues might come from vaping over the absolute health concerns (ie. cancer) that has already taken multiple family members. Whatever else happens, I know that I wouldn't have quit without something that gave me the hand to mouth movement, the chemical addition was nothing next to that.


For the majority of people, that's exactly why they got into vaping, to quit smoking cigarettes. I'm glad that vaping has had such a positive impact in your life. I too enjoy smoking the 0mg nicotine e-juice when I'm just craving something to satisfy an oral-fixation and not necessarily just nicotine.

I hear vaping has its own health risks suck as solidifying or crystallizing your lungs from the hot steem ?


I don't feel the steam is hot at all in comparison to cigarettes or pipes/bongs/joints.

I quit the vape due to overuse and too much lactic acid build up on my chest, but have recently started again (switching from ciggys) cause if you've 'smoked' both, it's not hard to tell which one will end you the quickest!


Yes. Most things in life have health risks. I personally don't drink soda or consume junk food and I try my best to exercise on a regular basis. When it comes down to the choice of smoking cigarettes or vaping, the latter is a much healthier option overall.


Same with regards to soda, that is a terrible choice of liquid for sure!

Really happy with my new vape, annoyed I went back to ciggies last year after 5 years or so without.

Next up, exercise - now my lungs aren't taking a daily beating!


Honestly, to each their own. I sure as hell don't judge you for your lifestyle choices. As long as your happy and in overall in good health, then that's wonderful :) Working out is probably one of the main reasons why my lungs are in still in such good shape. Good luck on your journey!


True that, each to their own.

Thanks very much!


It depends on what you're vaping. A lot of people don't know this but you can get the same effect from putting honey or other sugar-based resins on joints. That whole concept is centered around the idea that inhaling burnt sugars will cause it to crystallize in your lungs. Not saying that isn't true, just saying it is very true in more ways that some people think!

Oh god, Juuls... The vape craze is too much for me. I can't argue with the health benefits but if you think a vape and some chai tea is nice just try a beer and a smoke, that shit is the way to go!!

Not hating on vapes though, I'm always trying to convince myself to use mine and quit smoking. Old habits die hard though :(


Haha yeah it is a bit insane, especially in a college town. I do enjoy a beer with my juul though! No doubting that :)

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I have owned vapes- and my brother is way into it- he uses nicotine and I don't but whatever floats your cerebral boat- I think it's an awesome way for folks to quit cigarettes by using juice with less and less nicotine over time- plus they get the same habitual "put the thing in your mouth" feel as well

Also, Im thankful for vapers for making the outside of bars and bus stops smell like cupcakes and starburst instead of gross smoke ;)

What a world we live in eh?


Hahaha yes, very well said. Vapes have so a much nicer variety of smells that evaporate pretty quickly so you don't get that lingering "smoke smell" on your clothes.

Nice to see you by the way! Thanks for coming by and reading my post :)


Happy to stop by, my brother vapes pretty seriously, his rig has a ton of horsepower lol he always entered the house in a puff of smoke that smelled like cinnamon buns lol- Although I'm not a particular fan of being addicted to anything, (including caffiene, or sugar) there's a lot of worse ways to be smoking lol

I didn't realize you were back! I think you should post more! ☺


I'm trying my best! I'm not as consistant as I'd like to be though