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Vaper’s Tongue is a common problem in the world of vaping but here is a blog post designed to help you understand and quickly recover so you can keep on enjoying that pleasant vape experience.

Have you ever reached for your vaping device full of that favourite e-liquid and taken a big hit of vapour and then left mortified and confused because you can’t taste it? You may have panicked after a few more hits of tasteless vaping and taken apart your atomizer and re-wicked it or put in new coils only for it to remain tasteless? Well, you have Vaper’s Tongue.


What is Vaper’s Tongue?

Vaper’s Tongue is when you can no longer taste e-liquid flavours through vaping. It has been compared the feeling you get whilst eating when suffering from a cold or flu – the food will taste dull because the senses in your nose are blocked.

It has less to do with your actual tongue and more to do with your nose. That is why it is recommended to do nose exhales when trying new e-liquid so you get to experience the flavour more intensely.

There is also a link with Vaper’s Tongue to ‘Olfactory Fatigue’ – or also known as ‘odour fatigue’ where there is a temporary inability to distinguish odour after prolonged exposure.

How long does Vaper’s Tongue last for?

Vaper’s Tongue can last for a few days to a good week, depending on the circumstances.

What are the causes of Vaper’s Tongue?

  • Vaping the same e-liquid flavour for a long period of time
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Smoking (or recently quitting smoking)
  • Dehydration
  • Illness (Colds or Flu)
  • Medication (some medications can have an effect on your tastebuds/smell)

How to cure Vaper’s Tongue?

Change that e-liquid…
The best thing you can do is change the e-liquid you are vaping to something new and different. It is recommended to vape menthol flavour e-liquids as it refreshes the taste buds, especially if you are not used to smoking menthol or citrus based e-liquids to fire up your tongue and nose again. If you are adamant you don’t want to vape menthol, then try an alternative flavour that you have not vaped before.

Drink up…
Keeping hydrated is important as vaping can leave you with a dry mouth so it is always good to have some water whilst you vape to keep you refreshed.

Smell the coffee…
One cure of Olfactory Fatigue (mentioned above) is smelling coffee beans or even sucking on slices of lemon. These methods act as a reset button for your senses and are both practised by professional wine tasters.

MOT your mouth…
Brush your teeth regularly and even use one of those toothbrushes with the tongue scraper on the back of the head. Use a good mouthwash too to make sure you have good oral hygiene which can only benefit tasting the best out of your e-liquids.

We hope this helps with your vaper's tongue problems and that you enjoy your vape once again very soon! VE-Team



Great post. I agree with the mouth wash or brushing your teeth. I myself use crush-able mints and menthol e-juice. :)

I didn't even know about vaper's tongue. Now you mention it though, my brother was complaining about not tasting his vape...I told him to cut back on chilies and hot sauce. Just goes to show what I know ;) I must remember to let him know! Great post, very helpful.

Too much hot sauce will do it for me. I guess it changes the flavor profile on your taste buds.

That's what I thought. He was never going to give up the heat though :)