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Looking ahead, let's say directly, if you find out the pros and cons of vape, you will immediately make the final decision to quit smoking classic cigarettes. Due to the fact that this product is quite young, many do not realize its advantages, and, believe me, there are really a lot of them. How many varieties and modifications can be found on

Many smokers do not understand why they should give up the addiction to smoking and switch to wiping. Well, today we will try to objectively consider the main pros and cons of vaping.

Imagine that you still gave up smoking classic cigarettes and started using vape. What are the benefits of this? In fact, there are a lot of them! Let's start in order.

It does not burn. According to statistics, cigarettes are the most common cause of indoor fires. Using electronic cigarettes, you can never burn your clothes or make an accidental fire.

It's comfortable. Forget about matches or lighters, now they are not needed. To start steaming, simply hold the device to your mouth and inhale with thick and saturated steam. It is incredibly simple and convenient.

cigaretteThere is no smoke smell. Your hands, clothes and hair will no longer smell badly of tobacco. Remember, steam does not smell, it has only a rich taste. After the soaring process, it is not necessary to ventilate the enclosed space at all.

Tooth enamel does not turn yellow. Many clinical studies have shown that the use of vape does not lead to yellowing of the teeth, which can not be said about ordinary cigarettes.

Smoking in a car is easy! Those drivers who spend a lot of time behind the "steering wheel" will appreciate the electronic miracle device for soaring. No need to open the windows for ventilation, which is especially not convenient to do in winter. Also, you can not burn the seat or pants accidentally dropped from the hands of a bull.

This is insanely delicious. Yes, you heard right. What flavor do you prefer, maybe apple, orange, cherry or some other?

Having chosen a liquid for electronic cigarettes with a certain taste and smell, you can enjoy vaping to the fullest, based on your taste preferences.

Vape will help give up smoking addiction. This is really true. Quitting smoking has never been so easy. The process of soaring from smoking differs only in that you inhale harmless vapor, and not toxic smoke. Moreover, if you intend to completely abandon nicotine, you can eventually start using nicotine-free liquids for refueling.

The logical question is, are there any downsides at all? Today, there is only one drawback - the price of devices for soaring. Many of them are really expensive. Although, given how much the average smoker spends on cigarettes per year, this one drawback looks ridiculous.

Moreover, smokers save more money on their habit than smokers, this is a fact.

Well, after you objectively assessed the situation, and got acquainted with all the pros and cons of the vape, you probably made certain conclusions for yourself.


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