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A decentralized Jekyll-style blog software with articles stored on the STEEM blockchain.


Configuration happens on the STEEM network via a JSON formated configuration post:

     "categories": ["steem"],
     "authors": ["xeroc",
     "limit": 20,
     "site": {"title": ""}
  • categories: read posts of these categories
  • authors: only allow posts in the categories made by these authors
  • limit: limit number of posts to be loaded per category (the amount of posts loaded from the node, not the amount displayed after filtering)
  • site: defined varaibles that can be loaded in templates with {{ }}

Deploy on Heroku


Please provide the author and permlink of the configuration post on STEEM.
Ideally, please also specify your own STEEM public API node.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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